All the Broken Pieces

All the Broken Pieces - Cindi Madsen *4.5 rounded up to 5 starsOkay this is seriously going to be a hard review to write and not give away anything so it's going to be short and sweet. I loved this book and I thought what Cindi Madsen did with this story was really interesting and creative. The outcome wasn't a surprise to me, I had that figured out pretty much right in the beginning, but how it was all unveiled was so good to read!! I loved getting to see Liv slowly uncover the truth as she gets flashes of what she thinks are memories and has very vivid dreams that seem like they are real. But besides Liv being broken, Spencer is too. He not only helps her to find out the truth, but finds a way to start mending his own broken self.I felt so bad for Liv. She not only had no memories of before the accident at all, but that also means that she literally doesn't know anything from before such as who movie stars or singers are, or even something as simple as what a knock-knock joke is. Despite all of it, she is pretty strong I think. She wants to go to public school even though she's never been before, (or has she?) she wants to fit in, but she won't let anyone walk all over her or be a pushover, and she is strong enough to stand up to her parents when she knows that they are lying. Liv is someone who doesn't know who she is, but is determined to become someone who she wants to me, not who people expect her to be. Then there's the fact that she thinks she might be going crazy because she heard two voices in her head that argue over certain situations. Oh, and she is also pretty funny when she is irritated. I was laughing at a few interactions between her and Spencer.Spencer is a mystery throughout a lot of the book. He is so aggravating, but also someone you can't help but like. He does act like a jerk, but I knew that he had some major personal issues of his own and that he was doing it to keep people at a distance. He can't seem to push Liv away though, and he doesn't really want to. He feels like he doesn't deserve to be happy so when they get close he does something totally douchy to upset her. It did start to wear on me, but he really is such a great character that I couldn't be mad at him for it. I just wanted to know why he was so broken and help heal him the way he was trying to help Liv.There's a little bit of romance, the popular crowd with the mean girl, mystery, and a whole lot of tension. I loved how the memories that come out flow so flawlessly into the story. I enjoyed the building relationship and trust that formed between Liv and Spencer. I was so angry with her parents and wanted so badly to find out what they were covering up. (Though I already knew what it was, I wanted to know why and how) I needed to know how it all came out and how the story would end. In the end I really loved how the story wrapped up. It was a fantastic ending that answered all my questions, but still left a little to speculation. I love endings that aren't a set ending wrapped up in a tidy bow. I am looking forward to reading all of Cindi Madsen's future books!!