Parallel - Lauren   Miller I have a thing about parallel universe books. I think they are super cool and I am always looking for great ones, so I couldn't pass this up. I have to admit that I was quite confused in the beginning as we see the "here" and "there" Abby's. It took a while for me to get my head straight and start enjoying the story. Not only are there parallel universes, but everything that Abby in the "there" universe does something differently than what she originally did, it throws things off in the "here". Lost? Yeah, I felt that way for a little while too. It does get better though I promise.Abby ends up in Hollywood as an actress. Her meticulously crafted plans for her future not going as she thought they would. Then after her eighteenth birthday party as she's going to bed, there's an earthquake. This somehow makes the parallel universes collide. Abby, unlike everyone else remembers her other life. That isn't supposed to happen apparently. She can only remember certain things though since there is a year and a day gap between "here" and "there". Makes things awkward when she has no clue who her roomate is, or her boyfriend. I have to say that she handles things pretty well. She's a smart girl. I had a hard time connecting with her at first, but by the end of the book I was able to feel emotion toward the characters and the story.Caitlin is pretty much her rock. Luckily she believes Abby when she tells her about what happened. Caitlin helps her by filling her in on the things that she has missed in the past year since something the other Abby did changed the way things are now. I really liked Caitlin. She was the super smart, honest, faithful friend. She would do anything to help Abby, even when Abby is selfish and not really thinking about what's going on with Caitlin.I can't really say too much since it's really something you have to read and experience on your own. There is a bit of a love triangle type thing, but it is really great because it makes sense. What the "there" Abby does affects the "here" Abby, even if she doesn't know what has changed, so mistakes happen and it's not like she can just erase things. It vaguely reminds me of the movie The Butterfly Effect and how each action changes the present or future, except for in this case, it changes the Parallel Abby's world. I also want to note that the chapters go back and forth from her waking up as "here" and "there" Abby.Overall I really thought this was good. Despite being a little confused and disconnected for a better portion of the first half, I was still quite intrigued and couldn't stop reading. As I got into the last third of the book, that's when the emotions started to kick in. After finally starting to connect with both Abby's and the other characters, all the changes and situations that were happening really affected me. I was close to tears at one point. This is full of twists and turns since you never know what the "there" Abby is going to do to change things. It wasn't perfect, but it was entertaining and interesting. A great debut. I will be looking forward to reading this authors other work!*An advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss for an honest review.