Apollyon: The Fourth Covenant Novel

Apollyon - Jennifer L. Armentrout This series continues to get better with each book. Not just better, but OMG the feels!! This series is seriously doing some major damage to my emotions. I have come to love these characters so much that they are more like real people to me than just some random characters on a page.With each book I feel closer and closer to them. This one is pretty intense. They are literally at war now and Alex is the center of all of it. It was everything I was hoping it would be and more!Alex goes through a lot in this book. I mean, really this girl can't catch a break and it just gets worse and worse for her, but she is so tough and strong and even when it would be so easy to just give up, she pushes on. She has a lot of weight on her shoulders. Yes, she is a bit selfish at times, but she really does grow up in this one and she realizes how selfish she is being. She isn't quite as snarky as we are used to, but never fear, it's still there. She just reigns it in and is more mature about it when possible. She has really grown into a woman through the series, and I think that with what she went through in this it was a wake up call to her that she can't be the selfish and immature girl she was before. The fate of the world is literally on her and it's a lot of pressure. She loses herself a few times, but the fighter in her always wins out. I can only hope that she can hang on to that inner strength for the sake of everyone else.Aiden just stole my heart completely. I was already totally team Aiden and adored him beyond words, but her really did me in this time. I think what I loved the most was he has always seemed so unnatainably perfect, but in this we see his not so perfectness. (Not that he's not still almost perfect) We see him lose his temper a few times, we learn what goes on inside his head that eats him up and makes his guilt overpower him. He has always had that vulnerable side, but it's so much more in this one. He is open about his feelings for Alex, he is super over protective of her and his brother. He will sacrifice himself if it means that they are safe. On top of all that, he still keeps Alex as grounded as he can. He saves her from getting sucked into herself and the bond that Seth holds with her. I love him more with each book!Seth was growing on me a bit, but now... oh no. The thing is, I do still have hope for him to not be a bad person. I want to believe that he will do the right thing. He really does care for Alex. No matter what messed up things he has done or will do, he truly does care about her and I want to trust that it will be enough in the end to get through to him. You can see the cracks, but he is just so lost in what he thinks is love and affection from all the wrong people. He is consumed with his power and doesn't see what he is really doing. He doesn't understand because he doesn't have that compassion in his heart like Alex does. For most of this book I really despised him, but I want to believe that there is good in him. I still am giving him a chance to not become evil.This one is filled with action, laughs, emotions, sweet moments, steamy moments, and a few angry moments. My emotions while reading this book were like one of those feelings charts. We meet a lot of the Gods, we get deeper into the story, and things are pretty rough for Alex and the rest of the group. It's always hard trying to review a book this far into a series because I feel like I can only say so much about the characters because I have said most of it all already, but I don't want to get too deep into the things that happen for fear of spoiling things for people. The story progressed well and it does leave you with a little cliffhanger, but it's not a super intense one like with the previous book. It leaves you hanging, but not wanting to throwing things around and have a tantrum. It was a very satisfying ending to this book and a great lead into the next (and final *sob*) book in the series.