Love and Other Perishable Items

Love and Other Perishable Items - Laura Buzo I don't even know what to say really. I was looking forward to this book. It sounded like it would be romantic, cute, and funny. It really was none of those for me. I am sad that I didn't enjoy this book. It could have been the mood I was in when I read it, or I may not have enjoyed it much at another point in time either. It's always hard for me to write reviews like this because I don't want to deter anyone from reading it. We all like different things at different times, and this may not be a book for me, but you might love it!I will start by talking about Amelia. She is young, so I can excuse a lot of her behaviors and thoughts. I mean when you are fifteen you are thinking about love and boyfriends and all that. For most of us the only real issue we had was what we were going to wear that weekend, would that cute boy finally notice us, would we get that awesome kiss we have been waiting for? Anyways, you get the point. Amelia is always going on about Chris and wanting to catch his eye as more than just a friend. She is convinced that she is in love with him and that all she wants is him and will never want anyone else. She is smart, but when it comes to boys and parties she is very naive. She is easy to give in to things if she thinks Chris will notice, or it will make him happy. She makes her whole life pretty much revolve around him.Then there is the object of Amelia's obsession affections, Chris. He's a college student who works with her at the local supermarket. He trained her and is nice to her. He is miserable after his girlfriend left him and went back to her boyfriend in the town she lived in before. He's set on this mission to find the perfect woman and he finds that Amelia is great. Everything he would want in a woman... if only she was a few years older. She makes him think about things and he enjoys being around her. But moving on from his thoughts on Amelia, he is quite immature. He's twenty-one and acts like a fifteen or sixteen year old boy. He is actually a smart guy, but he has his own obsessions and he likes to drink away his problems. He doesn't really know what he wants to do with his life. Not that that's uncommon at that age, but he just doesn't really seem to care either.So the POV's switch, but it's not like each chapter or anything. We read from Amelia's POV for a while, and then it goes to Chris's journal entries from the same time period that we just got from Amelia. I thought it was interesting how it was done, but with it spanning such long periods of time before switching back and forth I found myself rather bored with it. I didn't really like Chris's POV and I normally love reading from the male perspective. He would say some meaningful things, but mostly it was just about how he was drinking or hanging out with friends and how everyone had a better life than him.Overall I just felt like this book really wasn't about anything. Really, most of this book is spent reading about Amelia watching Chris drool over one of the other cashiers at work, or her obsessing over him to her friend Penny. The other half is reading about Chris's drinking and and thoughts about all the chicks around him, but he really does care about Amelia, she's just too young for him to think about that way. (Yet he's not against hooking up with a sixteen year old while he's drunk) I just thought this was going to be sweet and romantic, but it was boring and about nothing. If you are looking for a mindless read that has no real storyline besides following a fifteen year old and a twenty-one year old's lives with nothing really significant happening, this is a great book to keep you occupied for a few hours.