Camp Boyfriend

Camp Boyfriend - J.K. Rock, J.K. Rock This book was such a perfect summer read! It was fun, entertaining, and full of that teen drama that you expect from people this age. I had been looking forward to this book since I participated in the cover reveal for it and it was so worth the wait. Though not perfect, it was very realistic, and made me really think of my teen years when things were complicated and seemed so harsh. As much as Lauren annoyed me at times, and so did all of the girls at camp, it was things that I could see really happening. I like when books keep things believable.Lauren has been going to camp for years. She is super smart, loves science, and loves Seth. He is her camp boyfriend. The only thing is, he breaks it off every year, and now she's at a new school with a new look... and a new boyfriend. A boyfriend who is into sports, a total jock, and super popular. She wants to break it off with Matt before going back to camp so she can try to be with Seth full time, but when she finds out Matt is coming to camp too, that changes things. She has been very superficial about things up until now, and she needs to find a way to balance her old life with her new one. She wants to do the right thing, but she finds that all the lines are beginning to blur. I was so irritated at her about some of her decisions, but I totally got it. She wasn't just trying to figure out who to be with, she was trying to find herself.So, I need to touch on the friendships. She has been in the same cabin with the same girls year after year. They are all close friends and can depend on each other. Now that Laurel is more like The Divas, then The Munchies, things get tense there too. She is having a hard time with her relationships, and with her friendships. The girls all get super catty at one point or another, give up on their friendships and trust, and struggle with the changes that Lauren has gone through. Yes, it seemed harsh, but I remember being a teenager, and we weren't always nice or logical. Friendship is strong though, and even despite some hard times, you know you can depend on friends. Whether new ones or old ones, friends are there for one another.Now onto the romance. Or should I say, romances. Yes, there's a love triangle. BUT WAIT!! Before you run away, hear me out. This one makes sense. Seth is Lauren's camp boyfriend. Her first kiss, her first love. Of course she is torn. Matt is her current boyfriend, from her new school, where she is popular. Not a science geek. She thinks he is just a jock and it benefits her to be with the popular boy while at school. She cares about him, but not the way she cares about Seth. That is, until he comes to camp. She sees a different side of him that she never knew. She finds out that she was being as superficial with him as he was with her. They realize that they like the people who they both have hidden underneath. But the question is, will she choose Matt or Seth. She tries to distance herself from both to get her mind in order, but that's easier said than done. Especially with a whole camp in your business.I thought this was such a great story, and it felt very real. I loved getting to know not only the main characters, but all of the secondary characters too. This was fun and entertaining, but also packed some emotion in there too. I was so torn for a lot of the book on how I wanted things to end, and honestly at the end I had a suspicion that I knew how it would end up, but I really wasn't sure. I felt a connection to the characters, and it made me think of my summers when I was in high school. I definitely recommend this to fans of contemporary. I know that I will be eagerly awaiting then next book in the series. *An advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.