The Next Forever (Entangled Ever After)

The Next Forever - Lisa Burstein I loved Pretty Amy, so when I saw that Lisa Burstein was writing a novella about Joe and Amy in college I was so excited!! Though you don't have to read Pretty Amy before this, I highly suggest it so you know the characters and what things they have gone through in the past. It really helps to understand why they are having the feelings they do in this. Even being a short novella, this packs quite a punch. Told in alternating POV"s between Joe and Amy, you get to know how each is feeling. What they expect out of each other, what they are afraid of, what types of doubts they are having. I loved how true their thoughts and emotions were. They really are trying to discover themselves better and wondering if there is room for the other.Amy is still fragile and broken. She has been through a lot and now she is trying to see if trying to be a "good girl" and doing the whole college thing with Joe is what she really wants. She goes to a party with a random hot guy to test herself. To see if the bad girl she was wants to come out, but there's always Joe in the back of her head. How he makes her feel, how he's always been there. I could really feel how she felt while reading from her POV. She is so lost and confused and doesn't know what she wants. She still feels like she needs other people to make decisions for her, like she isn't strong enough to make them on her own. I was so irritated at her thinking she was being stupid and was going to throw everything away from making stupid decisions, but I also felt bad for her. I think we have all felt the way she is feeling.Joe who is always the level headed one decides that he needs something different. He wants to join a Frat, but it's not because of the girls or the parties. It's for what it can do for his future. He knows Amy will be pissed so he lies to her. Then at the party he is expected to hang out with the half naked girls and get drunk, but in the back of his mind is always Amy. He chats up Emily at the party. She's pretty, she's flirty, and she's soaking wet and half naked. Joe is a really great guy, but he too has doubts in his mind. I think it was really great to get in his head more. I really liked getting to know him better.What seems like an ordinary night at college of course is anything but. Both Joe and Amy are confused and are testing themselves more or less. They really do love each other, but at times you wonder if that love is enough. If they have been through too much and are too different. They are faced with a new place and new experiences and they need to decide whether they want to do it together or not. I thought this was beautiful and thoughtful. I loved going through this night with them and seeing things from both sides. Lisa Burstein is a master at making you love the characters she writes. They are no longer characters, but people who you feel like you really know. I am a big fan and can't wait to read Cassie's story, and Lila's and anything else she writes in between.