Derailed - Alyssa Rose Ivy When I first saw the cover for this and then read the synopsis, I just knew it was a book for me. I am really loving contemporary books lately and can't seem to get enough. I loved the characters, the romance, and even the heartache. This was a quick read that touched my heart. The story was a bit sad, but it left me smiling in the end. I love a good book where a character really grows and is able to find themselves and Derailed does a fabulous job at that.Molly is a strong character, but it takes a while to really see that. She is suffering from recent tragedy and is just feeling broken and lost. Her idea of escape is dropping out of school and going back home. Only going back home brings back other painful memories and makes things even more complicated. When faced with her ex, Ben again she starts to realize that she never stopped caring about him, but she is afraid to be with him. She thinks of herself as poison, she doesn't want to hurt Ben again like she did before, like she feels she has done to others. She really has to struggle and with the help of Ben, finds herself again and starts to move past the things that are keeping her from giving in to what she wants and needs.Ben is amazing! He is a little bit on the possessive side, even though he and Molly aren't together, but it's kind of sweet. He is determined to get her back, and refused to let her go again. She destroyed him when she left him and he isn't about to let that happen again. He has only ever wanted her and in his heart he knows that they are meant to be together. He is there for her and won't let her down like he once did. I don't usually do quotes in my reviews, but I thought this one was necessary to give you a peek at how sweet and awesome Ben is even when Molly is trying to keep him at a distance. "I never believed there was anyone else out there. I knew completely that no one else would ever make me feel the way you did. You were the best thing that ever happened to me, and from the day I realized I loved you, I never even considered a future without you." Guys!! How much does that melt your heart. He is full of sweet things to say too, and it's not just the cheesy trying to get some stuff. He is truly in love with her no matter what.So there is another guy in this book, but it's in no way a love triangle. I never thought for a minute that Molly would want to be with him. That is Gavin. I personally didn't like him. I thought he was too forward, too pushy, too arrogant... I will stop. He best friends soon to be husband keeps trying to set her up with Gavin, but she wants nothing to do with it, and he is convinced that she is going to want to be with him eventually. Confidence is one thing, but he was just too much. He was better towards the end, and I know that the next book is about him and I would like to get to know him better.This book is about Molly trying to find herself again. The only thing is she keeps trying to fight it. She won't really let anyone in and it's sad that she is trying to deal with all of the grief and guilt by herself. I loved that she was able to open up and realize that she doesn't have to be alone. It was a touching journey to read. She rediscovers who she wants to be and realizes that she had left lot of herself at home when she had moved away to start new. This was a fantastic book that left me smiling.