Death and the Girl Next Door

Death and the Girl Next Door - Darynda Jones This book was fun and entertaining. I really enjoyed the characters and they made me want to keep turning pages to see what would come out of their mouth next. The story was intriguing and kept me engaged. My only complaint was that I don't like feeling like a "stupid" reader and have things described multiple times. I don't need to be reminded that the lockers are bright red 4 times in less than 20 pages. (Especially when on the cover of the book they aren't red, which I know is a minor thing, but it bothered me.) I also totally get that Jared is dark and sexy. Besides the somewhat repetitive descriptions of things, I did really enjoy this book though. Lorelei is a really snarky and funny character. She said and thought some of the funniest things. She lives with her grandparents and has two super fabulous BFF's that I absolutely adored her interactions with. She is a very persistent person too. When things get super weird, she wants to know what is going on and will do anything she can to discover it. She accepts things a little easier than you would think, and falls head over heels for Jared like instantly which is totally eye roll worthy, but I liked her. Cameron and Jared hate each other for reasons completely unknown and unexplained to Lorelei. She spends a lot of time refereeing them. I wanted to love Jared since he is supposed to be Mr. Sexy and all, but I just never really was able to fall for him. He said some sweet things, but he was kind of stalkerish. I don't really care what his reasons are, it's creepy. Cameron too. Damn stalkers. Cameron really turned me off. Besides the fact that he is super moody and generally an unhappy sort of person, he keeps pushing Lorelei around. Like literally. When she tries to get between him and Jared he pushes her, tosses her aside, drags her away from places... abusive much. I just can't like a guy who is like that. Just won't happen. So Mr. Good intentions is an abusive jerk. Now Glitch and Brooke are fabulous and great fun. They are such awesome friends and will stick by her no matter what. Glitch seems to get a bit moody for a time, but I get it. He is completely forgiven for being moody. The dynamic that they all have with each other was great. My favorite parts of the book were when they were trying to talk about something and just start picking on each other. This alone was a reason to keep reading the book. There was plenty of action, a little bit of romance, (I wouldn't say it's sexy though), and a whole lot of laughs. This book was so fun to read and I really enjoyed getting to know the characters. There are some little twists thrown in just to keep you absolutely hooked too. I am going to continue this series for sure. I will be counting the days until Death, Doom, and Detention comes out. I have to know where the story will go.