Undead - Kirsty McKay This is one of the few reviews that I actually changed my rating while writing my review. I thought I liked it more than I did when I finished it, but when I sat down to put my thoughts on paper (or screen) I realized all of the things that I didn't like about it. I still enjoyed the book enough though. I was really excited for this book due to the synopsis. I thought it sounded pretty awesome, except the synopsis is not a great judge of the book. It's not an exciting all out thrill ride with crazy zombies lurking around every corner like it would suggest. So unless there were some major changes between the ARC and the final copy, I wouldn't go by that at all. I am a sucker when it comes to zombie books. I also love humor and this sounded like a great combination of the two, but it just didn't live up to my expectations.I liked Bobby and her snarky, don't give a crap attitude at first, but it got old quick. She has just moved back to the UK with her mother (Thanks to her moms work) and is the new girl who doesn't fit in. Total cliche, I know. This book is full of the typical cliches, I think it's supposed to be part of the humor. She stays on the bus to be alone away from all the other kids and gets stuck on there with Smitty, the bad boy and the bus driver. He attitude doesn't really improve much for most of the book. She tries to put on the tough girl act to prove she's not a helpless weak girl. She does some selfless things and really does try to do what she can to help their growing group survive, but in general she wasn't that likable. I just didn't feel her character. So onto the actual storyline. School trip, zombies, stumbling upon other survivors...you get the point. Now these people who are nothing alike have to work together to survive and try not to kill each other. They manage to travel to a gas station, then a parking lot, back to the cafe, so and and so on until they get to a castle. I get that we are trying to be on an adventure here, but it was just sort of okay to me. Th ere were a few funny lines here and there, and some interesting things that happened. And lets not forget the plot twist...was that supposed to be surprising? Are we supposed to feel shock? I felt like I wanted to be finished with this book already. So maybe I am just getting more picky with my reading, but this just didn't entertain me as much as I would have liked. I wasn't expecting a blow me away, awesome book, just fun entertainment. I know this review seems pretty negative, but I did like the book, I just thought that at times it got a bit lame and there was a lot of unnecessary things going on. Maybe if I had been able to connect with the characters, or at least like them I would have liked it more. I just didn't get that. The characters started to annoy me and the plot was not keeping me engaged. What saved this book for me was the small amounts of entertainment I got out of it.