Onyx (Lux Novel)

Onyx - Jennifer L. Armentrout I am going to try to do this without being a spazzy fan girl. Okay, I loved this more than Obsidian, which up until reading this was one of my favorite books ever. (It still is, but this one tops it) I freaking loved this book!! I want to hug it, and pet it, and snuggle it. I want to read it over and over again and shout from the rooftops that everyone should read this!! So much for not being spazzy!! There is a ton of stuff going on with this book. Daemon is even more swoon-worthy than ever, and him and Katy are hotter than ever!! Katy is fighting being with him, but together they need to find out what is going on and try to stay alive in the process. Katy is just as awesome as ever! I seriously think she is one of my favorite fictional characters ever. She is tough, and won't take crap from anyone. She obviously wants Daemon more than she wants to even admit, but out of fear that he isn't really into her and it's just the alien mojo connection working it's magic, she refuses to give in. Not to say there aren't some hot scenes between them. Of course JLA wouldn't let us down with the smexy, but Katy is much stronger than I could ever be in that situation. I totally would have been putty in Daemons hands by now. Daemon is even more incredibly yummy, swoony, melt my heart, awesome in this one. Not that I don't totally love his snarky side, but oh my, his sweet side made me a puddle of goo. No worries, he is still the arrogant, full of himself, cocky Daemon too, but he is out to prove to Katy that what he feels for her is real. He totally 100% wants to be with her not because they are connected now, but because as much as he has tried, he couldn't not want to be with her. She is worth it to him. He knows the consequences for getting involved with a human. He lost his brother because of it, but he can't help it. I don't know how she resists him as much as she does. I would have done naughty things to him!! This book is full of twists. There is plenty of great Daemon/Katy interaction, and then secrets and things that they discover that are quite shocking! JLA knows how to pull you right in and won't let go until you have turned that very last page! This book was like an addiction. If I had to put it down there was like an insistent tug to get back to reading it as soon as possible. If you haven't read any of the Lux series, what are you waiting for? You are totally missing out!! I loved this book with every fiber of my being!!