The Mayfair Moon: The Darkwoods Trilogy

The Mayfair Moon - J.A. Redmerski This book was really great. It had a good lead in. It started off with a crazy werewolf attack, and then it slows down a bit so we can start to get to know everyone and learn a bit about what is going on. Don't worry though there is a ton of good heart pumping action thrown in there to keep you wanting more and needing to know what is going to happen next. I thought that for the most part that characters were great, and we got enough information without it seeming like an info dump. Adria is a pretty great character. She has had a bit of a rough time with her mom and stepdad, so she is a little emotionally messed up, then add seeing werewolves to that and just imagine how crazy that would make you. Surprisingly, she deals with it all pretty well. She does a few stupid things, but in general she keeps her head on right when a catastrophe is happening. I really loved watching her fall for Isaac too. She has quite a struggle with it, and of course we all know how fragile the emotions of a teenage girl can be. Things aren't exactly set out clearly so she has this does he like her or not thing going on. She really adapts well to her new living situation, school, and even the crazy revelations that come out. Does she lose it a little at times? Of course. And that's what makes her character great. She is very easy to relate to and really just seems like a teenage girl with a bit of odd stuff thrown in. Isaac is one hot dude!! Adria notices right away, and she is the type who always wants to find something wrong with a guy. He is undeniable gorgeous, and mysterious. He does come across as a bit of an arrogant jerk in the beginning, but there is a reason and he totally makes up for it so it's all good. Besides him being super hot, he is also really sweet and protective. Who doesn't want a guy who will do anything to protect you?The romance was really great. Adria is totally head over heels for Isaac pretty much from the start, but it takes a while for them to actually get to know each other and become a thing which I really liked. I don't tend to like it when it's like BAM!! Instant couple, so sweet lalalala!! Anyways, moving on from that. They are very hot and cold for the majority of the book, but it starts to become obvious that they can't fight against their attraction and the feelings they have for each other. As Adria learns the truth about things, it's easier for them to really get closer to each other, as much as it's a danger too. This book had a great mix of action, romance, and suspense. There were some things that were revealed that I wasn't really expecting. I felt like going through the story I was well informed on things, the settings were described well, and the characters were very believable. I think that this was a fabulous book, and a great start to what I hope will be an incredible series.