Never Say Never: Never Knights Series #1

Never Say Never - Kailin Gow Okay I admit the cover totally had me. I love music, and I love that this cover is not the typical cover we see all over the place lately. After reading the overview I was definitely convinced I had to read this book. A chick who is the lead singer of a band full of hot guys? Yes please!! Oh and Danny Blue, hot body, dreamy eyes, British accent...sold! I knew ths book would have some serious romance and hot chemistry going on. And that it did, but besides that, we really get to know Neve and her band. Neve is daughter of a famous model and former rockstar father. She could have everything in life handed to her, but that's not what she wants. Her father is also pretty against her being in a rock band since he has been part of that life and knows the ups and downs of it. She is determined to do things on her own. She wants a normal college experience, but also wants to have a serious band because people like them, not because of who she is. I love how hard she fights for this. She is smart and really has herself together pretty well. She will do anything to ensure the success of the band and that includes no dating. Shouldn't be hard since they have all known each other forever right? Nope! Wrong. She is now eighteen and the guys no longer see her as a little sister. Also in walks Danny who is swoon-tastic!! She can't seem to keep her head together when it comes to him. All the band members are great. The only one I didn't really care much for was Geoff, but guess who his replacement is. Oh yes, Danny! Luc, Kyle, and Steve are all quite different. I loved that dynamic. They are all great friends, in a band together, but have much different personalities which makes this book so much more enjoyable. Everyone stands out in their own way. It's not just focused on the main characters. The romance aspect is fantastic. It's like a forbidden romance for Neve. Should she give into her desires and risk everything, or stick to her solid rule of no dating band members. These desires and feelings she is having for Danny are all new to her. She has never really dated before because she doesn't spend time with people outside of the band. More then the fact that Danny is the newest band member, he is also the TA in one of her classes. Oh and the chemistry between them is sizzling!! This book was quick and entertaining. I loved getting lost in the bands drama's and triumphs. You get to see friendships tested, and choices made between what is right and wrong for everyone. Neve is like the glue for the band, so when she starts unsticking will the band be able to keep it together. Music, suspense, and some steam up the windows scenes make this a wonderful book for lovers of Mature YA/New Adult books.