Frigid - J Lynn I absolutely loved this book. It was sweet, sexy, funny, and everything that I could want out of a New Adult contemporary. It had a fabulous story, the characters were amazing, and I was totally drawn in!! I am always a sucker for friends to lovers stories and this one hit the mark!! Told through alternating POV's I think that this was done spectacularly and I found it hard to put down.Sydney is a character that though very different from me, I found she was very easy to connect to. I was able to get right into her head and feel her emotions with her. I loved watching her come out of her shell. In the beginning she is so afraid to just let go and do something spontaneous, then when she tries it doesn't always go the way she thinks it will. I really loved her character. She is so intent on keeping her friendship with Kyler that she is afraid to do anything to ruin it. I can totally understand that. They bicker, but are awesome friends... best friends.Kyler was a bit harder for me to like. Okay, so he was swoon worthy pretty much right off, but he was still a jerk. He is a total man whore and has girls crawling out of the woodwork to get a piece of that, but yet if Sydney even so much as talks to another guy, he gets all pissy and the guy is obviously a tool in his mind. Yes, it's sweet that he is jealous, but it's like he thinks he can do every girl on the planet, but Sydney can't even look at a guy. Yet, he won't tell her how he feels about her for certain reasons, but still. Once I started to get to know him a little better I definitely started to love him. I thought that he was sweet and charming, but still an arrogant ass at times. He could not have been any more perfect for Sydney though. He is loyal to their friendship and fiercely protective of her. He is a great best friend, and no one could be better for her.Oh the sexiness!! Holy Hell are there some scenes that could almost make the book go up in flames. JLA sure knows how to make those pages steamy! Okay, so besides the steam, the romance is really great too. There are plenty of "awww" inducing moments, some moments that had me laughing, and then the ones where I though a cold shower could do me some good. I love that the romance stemmed from a friendship and it's believable that they would be in love with each other. There is no insta-love or fast romance. This has been building for practically their entire lives. You could feel the connection and the chemistry between them. You know how they met. You know how they have grown up close to each other. You get their history, so you believe the romance.So, the story! What better was to finally get their feelings out there then being snowed in by a massive blizzard? Well, it's not really that easy. There were plenty of issues that got in their way. Some funny, some scary, some just plain old frustrating. The worst part is, they aren't just snowed in, but someone is apparently out to get them too. So besides it being freezing and having to use a backup generator for a little bit of power, now they have to fear that someone is going to harm them. Well, Kyler is just mostly scared for Syd. It makes for a great addition to the story and how it all comes out in the end had me with my heart beating out of my chest.This was beyond amazing. I went through so many emotions back and forth through this book that I was mentally exhausted, but so satisfied when I was done!! I was expecting an awesome book, but what I got was off the charts incredible!! My love for JLA's books grows with each one I read. I already want to go back and read this one again and again. This is a friends to lovers story at it's best!! I would give it a million stars if I could!*An advanced copy of this book was sent by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.