Camp Kiss (Camp Boyfriend, #0.5) - J.K. Rock This was such a cute book. It was a perfect introduction the Lauren and the other characters. I loved getting the feel of how her and her friends were at camp and how her relationship with Seth started. I enjoy novellas when they really add to the story and I think this one really did. This is set a few years back from where Camp Boyfriend starts, so it's interesting seeing how much Lauren has changed since then. How all of them have really. I am glad that I read it because otherwise I might not really quite get how deep the bond between Lauren and Seth goes while reading Camp Boyfriend. I could see myself getting very easily frustrated with some of the situations if I didn't know about their history. Overall it was a super quick and fun read that lets you get a feel for the camp and the characters. It's a good background on things and prepares you for Camp Boyfriend, thought it's not at all necessary to read before. I really enjoyed it.