Flirting with Maybe: A Novella

Flirting with Maybe - Wendy Higgins *4.5 stars rounded up to 5When I saw that Wendy Higgings was writing a contemporary novella I was so excited. Quick, but wonderful, this story was full of emotion. The characters were so fun to get to know and I felt satisfied as if this were a full length novel.Brook was a bit of a mess. She comes across as bubbly and friendly And perfect, but really she is broken, afraid, and insecure. Her mom and stepdad are horrible and her absent father is an alcoholic. She is embarrassed by her life so she doesn't tell her friends. She feels like guys only want her for her body. She wants to get away and start a new life, but she's really just making more of a mess of her life by partying all the time.Ryan is sweet and caring. He's completely head over heels for Brooke. He's the only one who really knows her. When she goes off to college he tries move on, but he still cares about her. He knows that he doesn't belong with the other girl, but he hopes he can grow to love her. Brooke is his everything and the more she distances herself, the more it hurts him.Even with just being a novella, I felt like this had all the content, character growth, and emotion that you see in full length novel. I was so caught up in their story and I cared what happened to them at the end of it all. I loved the writing and I am definitely hoping that Wendy Higgins writes more contemporary in the future!!