Falling For Her Fiance: An Accidentally in Love Novel (Entangled: Bliss)

Falling For Her Fiance - Cindi Madsen I love a good adult contemporary romance. They always have the fun, the chemistry, and the heartbreaking situations that make reading so enjoyable. This book was no exception. I loved Dani and Wes. They are best friends afraid of crossing the line into something else, but both can feel their want for each other. What starts off as a fun arrangement pretending to be engaged to help each other quickly starts to be more. But that is not without issues that keep making them doubt whether the other feels the same or not. It's one thing after another pushing them together and apart at the same time. I was just waiting for them to realize that they belong together and nothing should stand in the way of that. I also wanted them to just suck it up and tell each other, but I understood them both being afraid of losing what they have as friends if they tried.Dani is in a rough spot in her life. She just broke up with her boyfriend, a jerk at the office got promoted by taking credit for her hard work, and she is struggling to make ends meet because she is sending money to her mother who is taking care of her grandmother. She is worried about money and knows that she needs a promotion. The only way to get it is to be on the bosses good side at the retreat. It seems like more of a couples retreat than a work thing though and she has asked Wes, her best friend to play fiance for her. She has to play for him too at his sisters wedding to help him show his ex fiance he has moved on. Well the more time she spends with him, the more she wants to really be with him, but thinks he doesn't feel the same. She would die if she lost his friendship so she keeps quiet. I wish she had been a little more laid back instead of always over thinking everything. She is the level headed, logical type, but I wanted to see more of her fun side that we know she used to have.Wes was so fun to read. He is very impulsive and fun. He throws sensibility to the wind. He has big dreams, but he is determined to make them a reality. Hurt over his fiance dumping him, and then his sister having her in her wedding, he is happy that Dani is going to play fiance for him. What he didn't count on was falling for her, but not knowing how to act on it without losing her completely. I felt so bad for him because he really did try, but then he would get the wrong impression about things and think that Dani didn't want anything more than friendship. I really loved his personality. He is great to his family, great to Dani, and puts everyone else first, even if it hurts him. Oh, and to top that all off, he's in a band and a pilot. Hot right?!!This was a great book about two friends who fall for each other, but with so many other things going on things are taken the wrong way, and there are so many miscommunications that they think the other doesn't feel the same. It was so frustrating wanting them to be together and then something happening that tore them further apart. I felt like my heart was being tugged over and over. They would get so close and then it would all fall apart again. Normally such a yo-yo of back and forth would bother me, but I was so invested in the story, and with it being in dual POV's you understand how all the mixed signals happen. When each of them was feeling the happiness or the hurt, I felt it too. I wanted to jump into the book and tell them that they are in love with each other and that they belong together. Everyone around them could see it except for them. I thought this was a great romance. Once I started I couldn't put it down. I rarely ever read a book in one sitting, but there was no way I could stop until I knew how it all ended up for them. Cindi Madsen sure knows how to keep you turning pages until the end.