What the Spell (Life's a Witch)

What the Spell? - Brittany Geragotelis *3.5 rounded up to 4 starsI really like witch books, so I was excited to read this one. It sounded so fun and cute. And it was. The story was fun to read and I enjoyed seeing what would happen next. I liked how the characters interacted with each other, even if I didn't particularly care for a lot of them. This book gave me a kind of Mean Girls vibe, and I really enjoyed it.Brooklyn is from a family of witches who don't really use their powers, so hers have been locked. It's not until her 16th birthday that her powers are unlocked. She has always been invisible, and so what is the first thing she does? Gives herself a makeover to be supermodel perfect so she can try to get a coveted spot with The Elite. She gets so obsessed with being popular that she does awful things and seems to lose who she really is. I get that she just wanted to be popular, but I felt like she really took it too far. She knew that the things she was doing was wrong, but she kept convincing herself that she was almost in with the popular crowd. I'm sorry, but if someone kept giving me "tests" to see if I would really fit in, I would tell them to eff off. Underneath it all though, Brooklyn is a great girl, it just took a little too much for her to finally realize how stupid she was being.Asher was probably my favorite character. He was so understanding and great to Brooklyn. He didn't care if she was popular or not. He liked her for the real her, not the fake Brooklyn trying to fit in. In fact, he doesn't like The Elite and doesn't see why Brooklyn wants so badly to be part of their group. He will pretty much do anything for Brooklyn. He was so sweet and charming. I really wanted him to get through to Brooklyn. I was hoping that how much he cared about her would me more important than popularity.Overall I thought that this was a fun book, but I was so mad that Brooklyn kept lying and hiding things from Asher when he had been nothing but understanding even when discovering she had lied before. All he wants from her is honesty and she could have prevented so much drama if she just opened up to him and didn't lie. I also was annoyed that she kept letting The Elite walk all over her. It's one thing to prove loyalty, but they keep having her do all this illegal stuff and she's totally okay with it. She is pretty shallow and stupid a lot of the time and I couldn't quite get past that. Otherwise I thought that it was a great book.