Veer - Alyssa Rose Ivy I really enjoyed Derailed, the first book in this series, but I honestly couldn't stand Gavin. When I heard this was his book, I was intrigued, but also a bit nervous going into it. I really wanted to know more about Becca though, and I was hoping that Gavin could redeem himself in my eyes. It took a while, but he totally did. And I loved Becca. The characters are my favorite part of this series. Not just the ones that the book focuses on, but all of the secondary characters too. Alyssa Rose Ivy makes you really fall for the characters and care what happens to them.Becca was a character that took a bit to get used to, but I really love her as I got to know her better. She really kind of stays in her own shell and it takes a lot to start breaking that down. As we find out why it makes a lot of sense why she acts the way she does. The only thing that I was really bothered by, was how she was constantly trying to push Gavin away. Almost trying to make him not want to be around her. She could be really bitchy, but I suppose I might act the same in her situation too. She really had a lot of growth through this book though, and I respected her a lot for really caring about her career and wanting to make sure that she completed school and worked toward the career she has been dreaming about. No matter what came her way, that was always the most important thing for her.Gavin is a tough one for me. I never thought that I could like him. He was such an arrogant, pushy jerk in Derailed and was still a total douche in the beginning of this, but once we start to discover things about his past, you kind of understand him more. Don't get me wrong, he is still a bit too straight forward and pushy, and boy does he do a few really stupid things. Really though, underneath all of that he is just as broken and insecure as Becca is. He is actually super sweet, charming, and romantic. By the end of this book he totally made my swoon-worthy fictional guys list!This book had all of the things that make a contemporary great to read. It had romance, drama, misunderstandings, more romance, and most of all, character growth. I loved watching Gavin and Becca get to know each other and uncover each others pasts as they grow to trust each other more. Of course there is heartbreak and plenty of moments that make you laugh too. Overall, the writing was great and I loved this. I really enjoyed Becca and Gavins story and I can't wait for Wrecked to get Jake's story!!