Pieces (A Breakaway Novel)

Pieces - Michelle D. Argyle This book takes place after the events of the first book and really gets into how much it really affected Naomi mentally. She is now off to college at Harvard, but is still reliving memories of the kidnapping, and still very in love with Jesse and can't stop thinking of him. She also makes a great friend in Finn, makes some very horrible choices, but has a phenomenal amount of growth. I really loved seeing how much she was still affected by everything years later and how she works to come out of it.In this book Naomi really made me very mad at times. I understand that she isn't really mentally stable, but some of the choices she makes are really just stupid. She isn't thinking about how things will affect other people, or herself. She doesn't take into consideration that she isn't the only one still suffering from the kidnapping, but her parents are too. I felt that she was very selfish for most of this. I think that it was really Finn who was the reason she was finally able to see things for what they were, but I only wish she had been strong enough mentally to make the right choices and see Finn for who he truly was. Her love and obsession with Jesse really clouds everything.This one of course has a love triangle sort of. It's not really like that though. Yes, Naomi is confused and still dealing with her insecurities. Wanting to please everyone, but not really making herself happy. She thinks that Jesse is what she needs to be happy, but as her and Finn grow to be close friends, she doesn't know if she can be without him either. He has been her rock, something to look forward to. She has fun spending time with him and teaching him to cook, and just having someone to talk to who seems to understand her. When Jesse wants her to run away, she isn't sure if that's what she really wants, but she doesn't want to think of being without him if she doesn't go. If she goes, that means she won't see Finn again.To me this was pretty predictable. I knew where it was going, but I didn't know what the outcome would be. I loved seeing Naomi have a real friendship, to have a relationship (even if it was strained) with her mother, and start to learn to make her own decisions even if it's not what she thinks other people want from her. This book was really about her healing and growing up. About learning who she truly is, not who others want her to be, and about not being afraid to do what she wants. Though this one wasn't as strong of a story to me as the first book, I still really enjoyed it. The writing really just caught me and I wanted to read until the last page was turned.