Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush - Rachel Astor This book should come with a warning label that you will most certainly want a box of delicious chocolates and cupcakes while reading. This was a sweet (pun intended) and touching romance. It is told from alternating POV's so we get to know both Dulcie and Nick very well. I loved getting to be in both of their heads and really feeling each of their emotions. This is a very quick read that will leave you smiling and perhaps on a bit of your own sugar rush. Dulcie is a super busy person. She is going to college and trying to run her family candy store. The candy store is everything to her, but it's hard to keep afloat with all the bills piling up. She knows her only chance at keeping it is to win the Chocolatiers competition, but the last time she tried to put herself out there with her own creation, she ended up embarrassed and doesn't want to do that again. She needs to work through things and be able to face her fears, and on top of that, the guy she is crushing on happens to work for the rival candy store. What's worse is, he not only works their, but will some day take over it from his father. Nick has pretty much been handed everything. His dad paid for him to go to Harvard, bought him a fancy car, bought him a condo, and expects him to prove himself to be able to take over the candy store when he retires. Nick doesn't want to fail his father, but when he meets Dulcie and starts to fall for her, is his family business really the most important thing if it means not being able to be with her. He learns a lot about Dulcie and a lot about his father that certainly make for a sticky situation. (Oh, I so did that on purpose too.) What makes Nick a great character is that he makes mistakes, but in the end he really is a good guy who just has a lot of pressure from his father. This story takes two characters who are pretty much forbidden to be together and wraps them up into such a touching and sweet romance. It's not easy with their family feud, but the struggles that they go through and the mistakes they make, create a very good storyline. It's something you can relate to. Relationships aren't easy especially when your families are against it. I love how it's so easy to misjudge things and it takes outside influences to show them what they are not seeing. The other characters in this book are just as great as Dulcie and Nick at bringing it to life and making it an enjoyable reading experience.