A Tale of Two Centuries

A Tale of Two Centuries - Rachel  Harris I totally loved this book!! I loved Alessandra in the first book, so I was so excited she was getting her own book, and in the twenty-first century with Cat!! This one was every bit as magical and enchanting as the first one, and I loved every bit of it! Not only did I love Cat and Alessandra even more, I adored getting to know Austin, and Lucas too. This was a book that was easy to get lost in and imagine what it would be like to have my own gypsy adventure.Alessandra is from the sixteenth century and knows very little about the twenty-first century. Yes, Cat explained some things to her while she was back in time in Alessandra's home, but it didn't come close to helping her to understand all of the new technology, clothing, and even talk, that she gets thrown into. I loved watching her try to adapt, and try to fit in. It was a joy to see her get to pursue her love of acting. I especially loved seeing her let go. Be the girl she has been too afraid to let out. Was never able to let out being that it is unacceptable in her time. She finds love, she gets to live out her acting dream, she is able to just be herself and not be afraid to do what she wants for once. She really came out of her shell. More than that, she was able to see clearly the things she didn't when she was back in her own time.Austin was a bit harder to work his way into my heart. He is the guy who doesn't care, knows he's good looking, has that arrogant attitude... you get it. He decides to make a deal with Alessandra that he will help with their school project as long as she lets him take her on "adventures" to loosen up. Little does he know, that as he is teaching her to let go and not care so much, he figures out that he hasn't cared enough, and has let everything go too much. He also starts to fall for her. This is when we get to know the real Austin. The one who is sweet, caring, charming, and totally swoon-worthy. I loved the Austin that was hidden underneath.So by now, you know there is romance. It was such a sweet romance too. They were seriously so perfect for each other. It was obvious way before they could see it for themselves. As I was swooning over them falling for each other though, my heart was also breaking thinking of how broken they would be when Reyna took Alessandra back to her own time. It made it so emotional to see their moments together and knowing it could be the last. More than the romance that forms between them, I loved that they each were able to bring out a better side of the other while trying to fight that side of themselves. They compliment each other so well and I fell in love along with them.This book was so fun. Unlike the first one, where Cat knew of the past and the way things were, Alessandra has no clue about the twenty-first century since it's in the future. She definitely gets a bit of culture shock, and I thought it was really entertaining watching her try to go about a normal day. She does reasonably well with adjusting her speech to that of "modern ways", but she does revert back to her normal ways a lot of the time. There is also a great twist to the ending that had my dying!! It was amazing. I cannot wait for the next book or any of this authors books in general!! Romantic, magical, and fun are the only ways I can describe this series!!*An advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.