Break Out (Blood Hunter, #1)

Break Out - Nina Croft I have recently started getting into the sci-fi genre so when I was asked to be a part of this tour I couldn't refuse. Not only is is sci-fi, but there is quite a good amount of steamy romance in it too. I love the romance novels that Entangled Publishing puts out, so I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed with this book. This was fun, action packed, and has plenty of those scenes that make you want to fan yourself.I will start by talking about Skylar. She is one of the Collectives. Not just Collective, but in the Corps which is like their military. (Don't worry, that isn't a spoiler, you find that out right when she is introduced.) She is on assignment to break out a prisoner, but she needs help from the best of the best. She has heard the rumors about Rico being a vampire and that is one of the reasons she has chosen his ship. Since she also knows he is a womanizer she thinks she can use that to her advantage too. Little does she know that he is totally drool worthy and hard to resist. She has a very hard time keeping it together around him. Her badass, super chick skills pretty much go out the window when it comes to him and she turns to a puddle of goo. She needs to keep her distance though so he doesn't discover the truth about her. Beyond that, she starts to question herself and wonder if she could really just decide things for herself and not be controlled by the Collective. She feels at home on the space cruiser with Rico and the others. She seemed very real to me and I loved that about her. She was tough, but still vulnerable.Rico is one hot ladies man, well, vampire. He needs sex like he needs blood. He isn't a crazy out of control vampire though. In fact, he actually has very good self control. It could have been very easy to forget that he was a vampire at time because of how human he seems a lot of the time. He is actually very caring about his crew and he begins to really care about Skylar too. There is just something about her that he can't resist. She defies him, and she plays it so cool most of the time and he finds it totally intriguing. Not to say he isn't able to unravel her very quickly, but she is still very different than what he is used to.Since I have talked about Skylar and Rico, I will talk about them together. Holy off the charts hotness!! When he gets her to let her guard down, they have some major steamy chemistry. He is so impossible to resist that she has to literally avoid him most of the time or she knows she will end up in his bed, or hers, or the floor... need I go on lol!! Anyways, the scenes where they are together and lost in each other are very hot.The other characters are really fabulous too. I really liked Tannis. She is no nonsense and tell it as it is. She won't hesitate to tell you that she doesn't like you and that she won't think twice about killing you. Besides the great romance aspect of the book the story was terrific too. I loved what they had to go through to get the information they needed to actually try to get to the prison. They all go into it knowing that it may be impossible and they might not make it out alive. Unlike a normal book where it's easy to plan a break in, since this is in space it makes things much more difficult. It's not just about finding a way in, but timing things correctly with the orbits of the moons and avoiding black holes.I really enjoyed this book. I never thought that I would fall in love with a sci-fi book like this, but it was just so good in every way. It's interesting to see what some people will go through for immortality and see how the ones who already have it think of forever. And dude! Hot space pirate that totally oozes sex! Total win!! I found myself wanting to douse myself in cold water a number of times, holding my breath in anticipation and worry at others, and having a dumb grin on my face most of the rest of the time. This was fun, adventurous, and hot!