Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna, #1)

Anna Dressed in Blood  - Kendare Blake It's not often that I have trouble thinking of things to say, but this book...I just don't even know how to say the things I am feeling. I absolutely freaking loved it!! I mean, that just doesn't really seem like enough. It has romance, action, ghosts, creepiness, just awesome really! I was hooked right from the beginning. I really love Cas and Anna, but the other characters are great too. I was never bored with this book, in fact I felt like I couldn't read it fast enough, and at the same time did not want it to end. Oh, and also awesome, it's told from a male PoV. Cas and his mother moved to Thunder Bay so he can hunt Anna. He was given a tip off from a good informant, and though he didn't know much about her, Cas was intrigued by her. He knew he needed to act on this one. He easily gets acquainted with the popular girl at school. He knows that he has to get in with the people who know all the good stories. He gets them to open up about Anna very quickly, and even take him to the old Victorian house that she haunts. She brutally murders anyone who enters the house. Things actually get quite complicated there. Cas finds that he is going to need help, which he has never needed before. He also discovers friendship with Thomas and Carmel. He usually avoids friendship since he moves around all the time for different hunts. Things get a lot worse too. It's not just getting rid of Anna he has to worry about. So Cas, what can I say....he's pretty awesome. I love his personality. He's sarcastic, independent and tough. When you're a ghost hunter you can't very well be a wuss. He is very self assured, and knows what he needs to do to get his job done. Some of his lines in the book had me cracking up too. When he meets Anna he knows she is different from any ghost he has ever had to "kill". Anna is freaking scary!! When we first meet her she is a violent crazy ghost! I would not want to get in her way at all! For some reason, she doesn't harm Cas though. Her inner demon is somehow able to hold back from killing him, and even she doesn't know why. The writing was fantastic, the story was incredible, the characters are likable and easy to connect with, and the progression was perfect! I loved everything about this book. This is one of those books that you tell yourself you will just read one more chapter, but you fight through your exhaustion to keep reading! I can't even put into word how much I loved this book. I am absolutely dying for Girl of Nightmares to come out!!