Arclight - Josin L. McQuein Actual rating on blog is 3.5 stars.I feel like I start so many reviews this way, but OMG that cover!! Seriously, in real life it's shiny and awesome!! This book just screams "READ ME!!" I was also totally intrigues by how Marina is the only person who has ever come back from the Fade alive. I needed to know how she did it and what was so special about her. I want to say that I absolutely loved this book, but it was another book I was too hyped up for, that was good, but didn't blow my mind or anything.Marina wasn't a particularly interesting character. I mean, I was interested in knowing about her, but reading from her POV wasn't super exciting. She has no memory of before she was in the Arclight so I guess that has a lot to do with it. We only get what she knows, and her relationships with people there, which aren't many. She has one good friend, but the others seem afraid of her, or just disgusted with because they blame her for the Fade attacks. They would rather just let them have her and be done with it. She doesn't really seem to care all that much though really. Then when she discovers that the Fade might not be what everyone thinks, she is on a mission to try to help the one she starts to call Rue. I do think that she had some good character growth though, and by the end I liked her. She wasn't a particularly strong or totally badass character to me, but she was likeable enough.Tobin is the love interest, and I really did like him. He seemed so broody and unfriendly at first, but as I got to know him, I really started to like him. He was sweet and sensitive, but still every bit the tough guy too. He has a lot going on in that head of his so I understood why he acted the way he did. I think that he was really brave too. And I enjoyed watching as he fell for Marina. This would have been one of those books where alternating POV's would have served it well I think. I would have loved getting to be in Tobin's head at times. I liked uncovering the layers of Tobin, and thought he was a pretty great character.What I was hoping would be a super creepy and chilling read really wasn't, and that was a bit of a disappointment to me. I admit, at first the Fade were kinda scary, more in a tingles down your spine type way, but still scary. That didn't last long though. Once we get more into the book and learned a little more about them, they weren't creepy at all. I will tell you that they are super awesome though. I was totally intrigued by the Fade, and perhaps that is better than being creeped out by them in a way.There were parts of this book that I found to be a bit predictable, but I still really enjoyed it. I would have love a little bit more world building, though I am heavily a character reader, I do like my books to hold up in all aspects, and this one was lacking a bit with that. I liked the romance and thought it was done spectacularly, and I liked the idea of the Fade and how things happened. I would have liked a little more background, but since she didn't have any of her memories I understand why we didn't get it. There will be another book, so maybe we will learn more in that one. Overall, it was a great book that I read rather quickly and I felt satisfied with the ending, but am glad there will be another book.