Towering - Alex Flinn I am always so excited when I see another fairy tale retelling, and Rapunzel is one of my favorite fairy tales so I had to read this one! It didn't really work for me as well as I was hoping, but keeping in mind it's supposed to be a fairy tale, I let some things slide. I thought that the general story was really interesting and I liked where the author went with it, but things such as insta-love and conveniences really put me off, as much as I tried not to let them.I will start with Wyatt since I think of him as the main character really, though Rachel is too. He was sent to a town in the middle of nowhere to live with an old woman that his mother knows. He went through a lot back home, so getting away from it all seems like a great idea. Except he hears a voice that no one else can, and then he finds Rachel locked in a tower. Well, that is after she saves him from drowning. He is instantly in love of course and they can't stand to be away from each other. I do applaud his determination to do what he must to solve the mystery, which he does pretty quickly. He is also sweet and charming and says and does all the right things to make Rachel melt. (I wouldn't think it would be hard since he's the first boy she's met) He shows that he is brave and selfless, unlike that way he felt when he got there. I really did like him. He was a great character.Rachel was naive, but it's not her fault since she's been isolated her entire life. She falls for Wyatt immediately, and she knows that he was sent to her for some purpose. She also knows that she is supposed to do something big. She has a great purpose in life, and with Wyatt's help she figures out what it is. I never felt a connection to her, but I think it's meant to be that way. She is so distant from real life and doesn't know common and basic things.The romance was sweet, but it was still insta love and not very convincing. I know that there's this whole thing where they are supposed to be together and whatever, but seriously, after the second time they see each other they are telling each other they love the other. I believe that they feel strongly for one another, but love? Not so much. Putting that aside though, I really did enjoy their time together. Wyatt was really sweet to her, explaining things and telling her stories. I had to keep telling myself that it's a fairy tale, it's supposed to be a whirl wind romance and all that jazz.Overall, I just wasn't feeling it. The plot itself was good, but I think that I could have done without a lot of the seemingly unnecessary scenes. I know a lot of the small things add up to things in the end, but so much of it felt drawn out and I almost wanted to skim over it to get to the real story. I thought that this would be a little darker than it was too, but nothing was really surprising or overly dark and dramatic. I think that I just went into this thinking about it all wrong, and would have enjoyed it more if I had not had any expectations at all.