Wings of Arian: The Solus Trilogy

Wings of Arian: The Solus Trilogy - Devri Walls *3.5 stars rounded up to 4I don't really read a lot of straight up fantasy books, but this one has such a gorgeous cover and the synopsis sounded really interesting. Not to mention Devri is really sweet and I was super excited to read and review her book!! Now that I have gotten that out of the way I will tell you that I really enjoyed this book. I liked how we slowly discovered things while there is some major action going on. There is magic, dragons, and a whole lot of danger. There is a big mystery to some of it too and I thought that the lead up to discovering it was done very well. I can't say that I really cared for Kiora much. She did what she had to when it was needed, but she is crying every other page. In the beginning I totally get it. She is young and has just been basically told that everything she has grown up believing is a lie, and on top of that she is the Solus which means it is her job to fight and destroy the evil that threatens to destroy her world. That's a lot for anyone to take in, especially a hormonal teenager, but after a while you would think the waterworks wouldn't come at even the littlest things. I don't like weak characters so this bothered me probably more than it should have. She wasn't really weak, she has very powerful magic, but she is emotionally fragile to the point where she was breaking down constantly. Emane wasn't all that likable either. He is arrogant and lets his temper get the best of him a little too easily. I guess it makes sense for him too. He is a prince, the only son of the king and heir to the throne. He doesn't do well with people not giving him everything he wants. He needs to be in complete control. Obviously pretty spoiled he gets worked up easy. I would have punched him many times if I were there. Does he have a good side? Yes. He is caring and protective, but he still never really lets go of his little temper issue. Emane and Kiora do really work well together even though they are at each others throats a lot of the time. They compliment each other. Kiora can't really fight, but Emane is very skilled in that, and Emane is non-magical and Kiora has more magic than even she knows. I liked seeing them begin to trust each other and see how their relationship grows and how they each change.I liked a lot of the secondary characters a lot. Mostly Morcant. He was one of my favorite characters in the book I think. I also really liked Drustan. At first I didn't, but he really grew on me. I was able to really enjoy getting to know both the good and bad characters in this. The thing I liked the most about this book I think was the flow of it and the setting. It was not all action, but there would be great action, then great character growth and world building, and back to the great suspenseful action again. There is romance of course, but if was woven in nicely. It was a big part of the story, but didn't take over it. I was still completely hung up on what was happening with Dralazar. Where he was, what he was planning, if Kiora would know enough magic and be strong enough to defeat him. Just when things would seem to work out a little, I would be thrown for another loop. This book was truly a magical world that I could get lost in and I am looking forward to more of this series!