Rua - Miranda Kavi Okay, I admit it was the cover that caught my attention. Add in the great synopsis and I was totally pining to read this. I was pretty confused for a little while, but the characters were so awesome that it didn't really bother me. I knew that things would start to make sense. This was a very interesting story and I really enjoyed it. I know the whole new girl at school thing seems totally overdone, but putting that aside, this book was really great.Lets start with Celeste. I really liked her. She is adopted by a loving awesome family (bonus, the parents are actually a part of the story, not just forgotten somewhere in the background) and unfortunately moves around a lot. Starting a new school is nothing new to her. I liked that she wasn't whiny or pouty about it. Her first day she meets and becomes BFF's with Tink (Tony is his real name) and he is fabulous!! She really bonds with him and I loved their friendship. As things get really weird with her, like hearing voices, having massive amounts of birds following her, and seeing weird things, she opens up to him and being the awesomesauce person he is, he is there for her and doesn't think she is crazy at all. What I loved the most about her is her sense of self. She wasn't worried about impressing anyone (except maybe Rylan) and she never really thought about who her "real" parents were because it never mattered. Even when it becomes important, she doesn't really want to know. Rylan is something else. He obviously is the super hot charming boy who she can't help but drool over. He also happens to be a bit anti-social and apparently a new kid too. He has been there for a few weeks, but hasn't talked to anyone until Celeste shows up. Now this boy has got some secrets too. He knows about Celeste's secrets even before she does. He is really cryptic with her at first, but he really wants to help her. more than that, he wants to protect her and be with her. He will do anything he can to make sure she is safe. The other characters were great too. As you already know, I loved Tink. He is the perfect friend even before he and Celeste know each other well. It's like right when they meet, they just click and it's like they have always been friends. Then her parents are really great too. I liked that they were very present in the story. They don't play a major role in anything really, but they are there and I enjoyed that. Then of course there is always the mean girl that you totally hate. Yup, Jennifer was that girl. I couldn't stand her. She hated Celeste from the first second for no reason at all and that just bothered me. I get that she is the pretty popular girl, but the fact that she calls Celeste a loser and treats her bad before she even knows her is a bit much. This book was great. It moves at a pretty steady pace for the most part. At first it had me a bit confused, then there was a bit of an info dump, but the rest of the book flowed nicely. We pretty much discover things as Celeste does since we are in her head. I really enjoyed the plot, and how everything unfolded. The relationships between Tink and Celeste and the one between Rylan and Celeste were great. I liked that the relationship that formed between her and Rylan developed slowly. It wasn't just like oh, let's get together!! There was plenty of frustration and build up. I loved the elements of the story too. Besides the magic, the action, and the romance, I thought that the friendships and family relationship were fantastic too. I really hope that this is a series because after reading this I want more.