Taken - Okay, I admit it was totally the cover that made me want to read this, but upon reading the synopsis, I needed this book! I loved the premise and I wanted to know what is happening to these boys on their eighteenth birthday. I wanted to know how with no males over the age of seventeen they survived. Wouldn't they die out? Well, I'm sad to say that all those questions are answered, but it was not nearly as awesome or exciting as I thought it would be, and the main character Gray was the worst! It's so hard to like a book with horrible characters, especially the one who's head you're in. When I started reading I really was interested in where things were going, but so much of it was pretty obvious. The whole storyline seemed to be so convenient, and though some things were explained, others weren't. To be honest, when I was about half done, I just really wanted to get through the book and be done with it so I didn't really care whether we got real answers or not. Between being bored with what was happening and then wanting to throw things because I wanted to be out of Gray's head, I was starting to get frustrated with it. Gray is the main character, the guy who's head you are in. Now, I love books told from a male POV usually, but I hated Gray. I mean really despised him. He was not a likeable character in any way at all. I know it's been mentioned in probably every review out there, but the dude freaking beats up a girl in the first chapter. I mean literally, not just one hit (which is bad enough), but seriously beating her up. So what that she was a bitch, there is still never an excuse for a guy to beat up a girl. Then he's so wrapped up in himself. He says that he's thinking of other people or other things, but it all comes back to how it affects him, or how he's feeling. He's a selfish tool and I was hoping he got fried going over the wall. Ughhh!! Okay, see this is why it was hard to finish the book. I'm actually getting worked up right now thinking about how awful his character was.The romance was pretty gag worthy too. So he's apparently had a crush on Emma forever, but she hates him because, well, he's a douche! Finally he gets paired up with her which is called slating and it's where they spend time together, are expected to have sex and have babies, then the chick moves onto the next slating with a different guy. Basically the guys are only good for baby making since they are gone at eighteen anyways. and within days all of a sudden she's all into him. Yeah, right! Then, through the circumstances that happen, he gets separated from her and then there's this other girl, who was almost likeable actually, who likes him too. Why anyone would like him I don't know. Slim pickings I guess, but I would rather be alone than be with him. He keeps trying not to think of being with her because he loves Emma and whatever, but then he used her to get back at Emma because he's jealous that she was willing to move on when he was gone. Well, there's a difference. She thought he was dead, and the guy she hooked up with was someone that actually made sense. I'm starting to get ranty now so I should really wrap this up.Overall, I thought that the story had potential, but fell short with too many holes and a lot of conveniences. That would have been okay had the characters been easier to connect to. I think that a lot of people will like this book, but it really was not the book for me. I am very big on characters and none of them did anything for me in this book. I wanted to love this, but it fell short of my expectations.