This Song Will Save Your Life - Leila Sales *Actual rating is 4.5 starsWhat a fabulous story about finding yourself!! This was inspiring, heartbreaking, and beautiful. Have you ever felt alone and lost and just wanted to find happiness in yourself? This is a perfect book about it. I loved getting to know Elise. Not the person she thought she wanted to be, but the real her that was hidden even from herself. I loved the great messages that this book had too. It was very easy to get lost in. I think that anyone can find a little bit of themselves in this book.Elise was a character who I really wanted to feel sorry for, but also just wanted her to be happy with herself and not care so much what others thought of her. She is lonely, sad, and just wants to fit in. She had never done anything to be an outcast, she just didn't have friends. She thought that she could study celebrities, style, all the "cool stuff" and then maybe she would finally fit in and have friends. It was sad that she felt that way. I don't condone her hanging out at a warehouse party at all hours of the night and sneaking out, but it's realistic that a teenager would do something like that. What I did love is that is how she was able to find herself and even when people still expected things out of her, she was able to see that she didn't need to do what people expected, but she needed to be and do what was in her heart. She was easy to like and I could see a lot of myself and people who I know in her. It was easy to understand why she did the things she did whether right or wrong. Mostly, I loved that she stayed true to herself and that was what made her happy.The other characters were great. I loved that Vicky liked her for who she was almost instantly. She didn't care where she came from, or what she wore, or what her past held. She liked Elise for exactly the person she was. Char was really awesome too. He cared about her, helped her, and was there for her when she needed him... mostly. I also liked that her family was a big part of the story. Her parents are divorced and she splits her time between them, but they never make things hard on her and they love her and wants what is best for her. Even when things aren't great, they are good parents.I loved the writing and simple beauty of this book. It isn't super deep or anything, but it's honest and real. I loved the song lyrics at the beginning of the chapters and how they relate. Music is a big part of her life and I love that she found herself in it. She may not make music, but the music makes her. She can be happy through music and make other people happy. This book has heartbreak. It has emotion, but it also has truth. It really hit a high note with me and I loved it. This book was wonderful and a book I recommend to anyone!!*An advanced copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.