The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black Being a fan of Holly Black's Curse Workers Series, I knew I had to read this book!! Not to mention, it just sounded awesome. Also, she's a local author which is super cool so I feel the need to read anything she writes. With all that being said, I really enjoyed this. I thought that the take on vampires and the world that they live in was really cool. I liked that the humans not only knew they existed, but it was also kind of a glorified thing to be a vampire. Oh, did I mention that the first Coldtown, which is where they go, is also a town right near where I live. Yeah, total bonus points for the story taking place near my area. Okay, so on with this review. I'm getting sidetracked.Tana was a character who annoyed me, but I also liked her. We first meet her while passed out in a bathtub which is quite funny. It's also very realistic to kids her age. I mean, I never personally got drunk and passed out in a bathtub, but I had my nights to remember (or not) when I was her age, so yeah. She then finds everyone dead, but is able to somewhat keep her head about things. I suppose when you live in a world where vampires can come at any moment and infect you it's not hard to believe it would happen. She then makes a few stupid decisions, but I can see why. She really has a good heart. She's a bit abrasive at times, totally tough, and bad ass, but she's also willing to help people. Perhaps a bit too trusting, but that's not necessarily a bad trait. Even though I wanted to knock some sense into her a few times, I think had I been in the same situations, I might have made a lot of the same dumb decisions she did.Gavriel is the moody vampire who against everything, Tana begins to fall for. That was kind of a given. Saw that coming from the beginning, but it didn't change my enjoyment of things. It wasn't an insta-love thing. She actually knew she was crazy having thoughts of kissing him. She knew how dangerous he was. He is in and out of the story, but any scene he was in, he seemed to take center stage. He was very entertaining for me to read. Not that he's particularly funny or anything, there was just something about him. Of course he is all secretive and has some things he's hiding, but that's just the way these things work. For a scary vamp, he was pretty awesome and I came to really like him.This was really great. It wasn't fast paced, but it was a good steady story. I never felt bored with it. Even when the story seemed slow, I was still enjoying the characters and what was going on. This was a really great take on vampires. I loved how it wasn't just vampires and humans, but an in between. The infection or disease that the vampire bite will cause, but won't turn you to a vampire. It will drive you mad with blood lust though. I can't go into it any more than that, but it I liked it! There are so many vampire novels out there that it's hard to stand out among them, but I really think Holly Black created a fantastic vampire story. It was gory and awesome and I fully enjoyed it!!