White Trash Beautiful  - Teresa Mummert, Grace Grant Talk about a heartbreaking story!! This book just beat down my emotions slowly and surely and it was so devastating and beautiful. I have never wanted so much to be able to jump into a story and help the characters as I have with this. I think that I would have loved this book either way, but Grace Grant is such a fabulous narrator and she really brought the book to life for me. I was hooked on the story and the characters, and I wanted them to find happiness somehow. This was a truly emotional ride for me. I was bothered about some things in this, but it wasn't enough to make me not enjoy it.Cass is stuck in a life that she wants so badly to escape. She is supporting her drug addict mother and her abusive also addict boyfriend. She lived in a crappy trailer in an unhappy, terrifying life. She wants nothing more than to help her mother and boyfriend though. As much as she wants to escape, she doesn't want to do it alone. She does want them by her side, but only if they will get help and get better. My heart broke so much for her. I wanted to scream at her for letting herself be treated the way she is, but at the same time, I understood that she was scared and had no way out. She won't leave her mother, and Jackson has been there for her and as terrified of him as she is, she wants to help him be a better person. When Tucker White comes into her life after going to the dinner where she works, things get more complicated. She can't understand why he keeps coming back, why he wants to protect her, what he wants from her. When her life starts to spiral out of control, I wanted to hold her, help her, do anything I could to make things better for her. Cass is a very tough chick. Sadly, it's because she has to be or else she will just fall apart.Tucker was a character I instantly liked, but didn't understand. He seems to zero in on Cass almost immediately and I just didn't understand why he would go out of his way for her when she wasn't interested and had a boyfriend. I get that he wanted to protect her when he saw her boyfriend being a jerk, but he went above and beyond what a normal person would do. I'm glad he did, and now knowing more about him I get where some of it was coming from, but I still think it was unrealistic. But, that's why it's a book. With that said, I thought he was really a great guy and I loved how much he really wanted to get Cass out of her bad situation. He has some major skeletons in his closet too and I enjoyed getting to see them come out and know who the real Tucker White was underneath.The romance was very gradual and I thought that it had a very real feel to it. Not at the beginning, but after they start to get to know each other more. It wasn't perfect and all happy. In fact, it had such a bleak feel to it that I wanted it to happen, but I had no hope of it. I think that is how it's meant to be. The desperation, the hurt, the need for what they can't have. It was done so well.Grace Grant was the reader for this and she did awesome!! She is very good at distinguishing between characters so you always know who is talking and what is going on. She did the southern accent really well. And as always, the emotion she puts into the story comes through so well that you really feel what the characters feel. It's easy to get wrapped up in the story with her narrating.This is not your typical girl and boy have issues, meet and fall in love book. There is so much more and though there is resolution, it's not a super tidy ending. This is one heck of a ride. It's tough to read at times. I was aching with the realness of the situations happening. I thought that the topic of addiction and abuse were addressed very well. This is very raw and gritty. No sugar coating in Cass and Tucker's story at all. In fact there are some very harsh and tragic events that happen through the book which act to both push them apart and together at the same time. They care about each other enough to do something completely unselfish for the other, even if it might hurt themselves in the process. Overall, this was a beautiful and tragic story and I can't wait for the sequel, White Trash Damaged, to see where the story will go next.* A digital audiobook of this was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.