Ten Tiny Breaths  - K.A. Tucker, Elizabeth Louise I am so glad that this came out on audiobook because I had been meaning to get to this for a while and just didn't have time to read it. Luckily audiobook are easy to fit in and this one was great! This was an emotional story and I loved taking the journey along with Kacey and all the other characters involved. I felt like I was making friends right along with them and I really, really wanted to help Kacey. Luckily, so did everyone else. I also really loved how this was separated into the stages of grief. That was a nice touch!Kacey is rough around the edges. She went through a tragic situation and she has basically let it rule her life. She is suffering from PTSD even though she doesn't realize it, or more importantly, doesn't want to admit it. To her, it's easier to just put up her walls, and deal with it in her own ways. It had been drugs, alcohol, and random sex, but for her sister Livie, she stopped all of that. She begins to let people in, but it's a very slow process and it seems like she takes one step forward, then about five back. She is an incredibly strong, but stubborn, and broken person. I loved watching her finally start to heal and be the person that she has hid away for too long.Now Trent. He was fantastic, but I didn't know what to think of him for a while. He almost seemed too nice and perhaps stalkerish. I admit that I fell for him right along with Kacey. He was really great for Kacey, though he was a bit pushy at times trying to get her to talk to someone or seek help. I knew he was doing it for her, but I think he went about it all wrong. And OMG when we find out what his secret is, I was a freaking mess!! I didn't figure it out much before it was revealed, though I did suspect for a while I guess. I can see why he kept the secret, even if it doesn't make it right.Now onto the other characters. I don't always mention them, but I think that they are a huge part of this story. Storm and her daughter Mia were awesome and really became important and like family to Kacey. Nate and Ben who she worked with were also really awesome. And Livie, her sister of course. She was Kacey's rock. Basically the only thing keeping her from falling completely apart. Though she is her younger sister, she really was more the one taking care of them. I loved that Livie would do what she had to for Kacey, even if she knew it would make her mad. She always did what was best for them!I listened to the audio of this and I think the narrator was awesome. You could easily tell one character from another. And also she did great with the males. A lot of the time female narrators make males sound too husky or not masculine enough, but Elizabeth Louise did them great! She was also very good at making sure the emotion was in there too. She wasn't just someone narrating a book, she made the characters and the story come to life.This was such a great story about love, loss, and healing. I thought the characters were developed really well, the story flowed perfectly, and the emotion aspect was spot on. I was a sobbing mess listening to parts of this. My heart hurt with theirs. I wanted to jump into the book and hug them. This was the first book I have read from this author and I will definitely be reading more. *A copy of this was provided by the publisher for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.