Stephanie Lisa Tara's Turtle Book: fotos, facts, and fun! - Stephanie Lisa Tara, Lee Edward Fodi, Josey Gist This book was so fun to read and look through. It has so many amazing facts about all the different sea turtles and wonderful colorful photos. Besides being a very informative book, the way it's written is very fun and the author really makes it easy to understand. Her personality shows through in the writing and instead of feeling like an educational book, it's more like something you would pick up over and over again.From a child's perspective, this book is also great. It has a cool flip book on the corner of the pages and my daughter was thrilled to just watch the picture move over and over again. She loved all of the pictures in the book and was actually interested in learning about the turtles. She loved looking through the book and asking me questions, and when she's a little older I think she will enjoy reading this herself. This is a fabulous companion to go with I'll Follow the Moon, and both books have become favorites in our home.