Destroy Me - Tahereh Mafi I will start by telling you that I am not a big fan of Warner. I know there are plenty of Team Warner people out there, and a lot of people who switched teams after reading this. I was not one of those. I still don't like Warner, but I loved reading this and getting to be in his head. Know what types of thoughts go through that psychopathic mind of his, and really try to understand why he is the way he is. This was a pretty long novella too, which I really liked. It gave me more time to really try to "see" Warner and wonder if he was redeemable to me or not. This starts right after Juliet has escaped, and then it actually overlaps a bit into Unravel Me which I thought was pretty cool.I'm not heartless, I did feel for Warner, but every time I stared to think that maybe he wasn't so bad, something that he did or thought would make me remember just how brutal and uncaring he really is. The only things he cares about are power, and for some reason, Juliette. I don't doubt that he is actually in love with her, but I still don't think that his motives are entirely pure either. He is afraid of his father, for good reason, but he also is determined. I think that his love for Juliette makes him a little stronger, but I still don't trust him one bit.What I really loved about this novella was that it's not just a different POV. It actually does add to the story and I think that it should be read with the series, though not necessary. I just think it helps you get a better understanding of what is going on on Warner's side since Shatter Me and Destroy Me are told in Juliette's POV. There is a lot more going on then the things around her. I am a big fan of novellas, especially ones that give us more insight. I still may not like Warner, but now I do understand him.