Wings of Tavea (Solus, #2) - Devri Walls Not being a big reader of high fantasy Devri Walls has a way of making me love it. With fantastic world building, character growth, a solid plot she takes me into the world she has created and commands my attention. After reading Wings of Arian and loving it, I was eager to dive into this one and it was just as amazing as I thought it would be. It was packed full of action, suspense, and a twist that makes me have a pouty face, but I am sure that it appeals to a lot of people. This book takes us to new places and gives us new obstacles to face. This was a fantastic sequel that in no way suffers from middle book syndrome.Kiora is a character that I love, but annoys me to no end most of the time. I understand that she is a caring, feeling, sensitive person, but her melt downs and hesitations in deadly situations started to get to me. She is the friggin Solus, she needs to man woman up and take charge. She needs to be able to fight, to kill, to do what must be done. There is too much goodness in her, which isn't a bad thing, but it takes her too long to realize that they are fighting evil and if she has to off the enemy, then that's what needs to happen. She puts people at risk and wallows in self pity too often. On that note, she has tremendous growth through the book. Not just with her personality, but with her magical abilities too. It takes some harsh situations for her to finally break down that wall of emotion that holds her back, but she comes out a strong woman rather than a lost girl in the end.Emane has never been a favorite of mine, but I do really like him, and I feel like I am invested in him and his well being, as well as his relationship with Kiora. It took me a while to warm up to him in the first book, but he has proven his loyalty and his feelings. Now out of Meros, he has his own issues to deal with. He is the weakest link and he is supposed to be the protector. No matter what though, he will not let the fact he has very little to no magic stand in his way. He is a fighter and he loves Kiora and will not let any harm come to her. When trouble comes his way he fights and does everything in his power to protect her. He is willing to lay down his own life if it means saving hers.We also have a new cast of characters.We have Alcander who leads them to where Lomay's hideout is. Lomay is who they set out to find so this works in their favor. Alcander is one moody guy. He shows his softer side to Kiora on occasion, but I never really warmed up to him and I can say that I still don't like him. Then there's Lomay who is very old, and very odd. I thought he would be a bigger part in this honestly, but we get very few appearances from him. We also still have Drustan who I adore. He gives the comic relief that is needed in a lot of the tense situations.Now facing more danger and unknown things, this installment of the Solus trilogy really steps it up. We have more fighting, more tension, and and even more dangerous enemy than Dralazar. It's hard to fight evil when you also must hide from it. With almost no good left they are easy to track down and there is most definitely a search out for them. I love great action and adventure and this book gave me that and more!! I will be eagerly awaiting the third and final book Wings of Nestor!!