Wrecked - Alyssa Rose Ivy I have loved this series from the first book. I have gotten to know the characters and Clayton Falls. My favorite character was Jake, so I was so excited to finally get to read his book!! He was every bit as awesome to read about as I was hoping. I also loved that the rest of the characters that we already know are very present too. It's like hanging out with your friends again after being away. This was fantastic and I really enjoyed getting Jake and Emily's story.Jake was of course his funny, sarcastic self a lot of the time, but in this, he also shows his sweet, and caring side. Okay, so we know that he can be sweet, caring, and charming, but this was so much more. It was him, being honest with himself, changing the things about him that he felt needed to change, putting someone else first. Yes, he was kind of forced into it, but I do believe that he was always like that underneath the sarcastic, trouble making exterior. Not only did I love how he changed and bonded with Emily, but I liked that he wanted to be good enough. He didn't change because she wanted him to, he changed because he wanted to.Emily was a very guarded person. For good reason of course, but I thought it was weird how quickly and easily she was able to open up to Jake. Especially with certain things in her past, and the fact that she hasn't dated anyone in like two years. I liked her, I really did, but I thought that was a little odd. She was a very hard working woman who has her priorities straight though, and I really respected her for that. She really had a whole lot of growth through the story though, and I really loved her in the end.The romance was a bit fast for me. I thought it was very entertaining that Jake would flirt with and pick up his nurse from ICU, but that is just how he is. He is fun, even in bad situations. Emily was eager to meet up with him and get to know him and that is understandable, but after a few weeks, they were declaring their love for each other. I get that people can fall for each other quickly, but being that they didn't know each other at all before, I think that is a bit fast to be in love. Besides that, I thought that their relationship was wonderful to see grow, and see where it was going. Things weren't always easy, but I loved that they worked things out like mature adults do.I loved this book, I loved Jake and Emily, and I loved getting to see all the other people that I had grown to love in the previous books. The issues and situations in the book were believable and realistic, and the romance was amazing. I hope that this is not the end to the Clayton Falls series, since there are a few characters who I think we could get their story, but if it is the end. I am happy to say good bye on a good note. I have really enjoyed the series as a whole and recommend it to contemporary and new adult fans.Review coming soon.