Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful Bastard, #1) - Christina Lauren Going into this I had no idea it was Twilight fan fiction and I have to say, I didn't get anything Twilight-ish from it. Though, I've never read fan fiction that I know of, so I don't know if that's how it works. Okay, so moving on from that. I found this book to be quite entertaining. I loved the banter between Chloe and Bennett, their personalities (or in Bennetts case, lack of for most of it), and the storyline. I wish we had gotten a little more back story on Chloe and Bennett, but since this was my first venture into this type of book, maybe you aren't really supposed to. Either way, I enjoyed this and I have to point out that I love when books are told in dual POV's.Chloe was a very fun character. She was a very strong character in the sense that she doesn't take crap from Bennett or let him push her around. That is, unless it's in a sexual way, then she lets him dominate her. She is a completely different person when it comes to their heated moments. She isn't the type of person to sleep with her boss, or have random flings in meeting rooms, elevators, or other places, but something about Bennett makes her crave it! She is a smart woman though. She is very driven, hard working, and set on her career. If only she wasn't so attracted to Bennett and her body didn't betray her every time he gets her worked up.Bennett is an absolute douche! He is exactly as the title says, a beautiful bastard. Totally arrogant and full of himself. He is used to being in charge and getting what he wants. He keeps everyone in line by being a complete jerk to put fear into them. Chloe seems to have a way to get to him though. When instead of relenting and running off, she isn't afraid to put him in his place and it intrigues him. He is very attracted to her, but after their first romp, he starts to become possessive of her, and then finally he starts to realize maybe he really is starting to have feelings for her in more than a caveman type way. This is a whole new territory for him. He is so used to being in control, but he is willing to give in to Chloe and do whatever she wants.The relationship between them is very hot and cold. They despise each other, yet they have amazing sexual chemistry. Their fights and banter lead to many super hot, panty ripping, steam up the windows sexcapades. (Yes, that is the word I am using.) The more anger and aggression they feel towards each other, the more supercharged the smexy is! But with each time they hook up, they question what the hell they are doing, and they both try to stop it. The only problem is, the more they try to avoid each other, the more they want each other. It's like an addiction that they can't get over.Overall I really liked the storyline. She is interning for his fathers company with Bennett being her boss. She's been working there for a while, but not under Bennett until recently. She is focused on her career and doesn't want anything between her and Bennett to jeopardize it. There are many miscommunications and mistakes on both of their parts. Things aren't smooth and easy. Their relationship is beyond complicated. I became very invested in their relationship and with Chloe's career and was really hoping for the best in both situations. My only real issue was some of the dialogue, especially during the sex scenes came across a bit cheesy to me. The reader was really fantastic and she brought the personality to the characters. I found myself laughing out loud quite often and listening with a dumb grin on my face. I really think the reader made this book a better experience than reading it on my own would have been.