Love's Forbidden Flower - Diane Rinella This book was one of those that I was not at all sure what to think of. For one, I will tell you right off that the forbidden love is one between brother and sister. I think that it should be known going into it. See, I totally didn't get that from the synopsis, so when I started reading it caught me off guard. It's not that I am against reading a book with that topic as I have read other books that involved a brother/sister love that is beyond family love such as Forbidden and Flawed, but not knowing it was about that, it was a little hard for me to get in the right mindset for it. Now that's not to say that I didn't like the book, it just took a little while to get into after the confusion at first. I was really back and forth with my feelings throughout the book too, but overall I thought that it was good and I am looking forward to the sequel Time's Forbidden Flower.Lily wasn't a character that I ever liked. I wanted to, I was hoping to, it just didn't happen. She was very forward with her thoughts and emotions. She wasn't scared to say how she felt or what she wanted. At times she was a bit pushy and irritating. She would never just let something go. Some would call her passionate. No matter what it was she wanted, whether it be her career choice, her feelings for her brother, or her feelings for anyone else, she would just get right to the point and be assertive about things. I don't think it was a bad thing, but it did bother me at times. She was also so back and forth about her feelings. She is in love with her brother, but she's in love with Christopher. Christopher is everything she wants and makes her happy, but she is so obsessed with her brother Donovan that she can't let go of him in her mind.Donovan was intriguing to me. It's obvious that he has the same feelings as Lily, but he has some dark secrets that are making him push her away. I thought that he was being a total jerk to her most of the time. It's not to say that I thought he should engage in a relationship with her, but he didn't have to be so mean and cold. And it wasn't just to her, it was to other people too. He was so back and forth from being overly sweet and too nice almost, to someone I wouldn't want to be anywhere near because he's a bomb about to go off. We do learn a little about why he is that way, but I still think it was extreme.We also get a bit of their parents, and this is where things kind of bothered me a bit. We get that their dad is the "manly man" and wants Donovan to play sports and be tough and all that and that their mom is trying to be more of a friend to Lily than a mom most of the time, but it's not like they have some super dysfunctional home life or anything. I mean, I don't know a whole lot about this subject, but it seems to me that most of the time it's because the siblings parents are crazysauce or something so they have to take care of the house and each other so they function more like a couple than brother and sister, where that isn't the case here. I think that this story is going to take a turn in the next book though that will bring us deeper into the whole situation and maybe give more insight.This type of story is one that should really be able to suck you in and make your emotions a crazy mess, but this didn't grip me the way I wanted it too. The story seemed a bit too drawn out for me. I liked the relationship between Lily and Christopher and I totally loved that he was awkward, and funny. I just thought maybe we needed a little less of some of it. I know that we needed to see how in love they were too since that is a major part of it all, but it could have been condensed I think.There were some parts in the book, had I been invested in the characters, that I might have gotten teary eyed and perhaps even cried. I think that it was very well written, but it was just hard for me to even try to understand. I really do think that there is much more to it that will be brought to attention in the next book. I am interested in where things are going to go. I read the synopsis for the second book and it kind of makes some of the things about this one that confused me a little less unsettling. I went into this expecting one thing and got something completely different, but it was still a good book.