Pretty When They Collide (Pretty When She Dies, #0.5) - Rhiannon Frater I have read the first two books in the Pretty When She Dies series, so when I saw this novella I knew I wanted to read it. I love the world and I will take more where I can get it until the next installment of the series is out. This read so much like a full length novel and I really enjoyed that about it. It was short enough that it was a quick easy read, but long enough that I was able to really get into the story. It had a lot of great action to it, and the brutal vampire violence that I love!!!Cassandra is a really great character. I loved getting to know her better. She is half vampire and all badass!! She has got some massive skills when it comes to retrieving items, and killing off the enemy. She's smart, sassy, and knows how to get things done. She's been through a lot, but she doesn't let that make her weak. She's not a pushover. She is just herself and I really enjoyed that.Aimee is a witch, and I really liked her. She is powerful, but has been enslaved to a horrible power hungry vampire. He tires to control her, but she is able to fight it to a point. When she meets Cassandra she knows that she is her chance to get away from him. She will do whatever she has to to break the bond. She knows that he only wants her for power, and she isn't happy. At one time she was fond of him, but that is long past. When she meets Cassandra, she is drawn to her. They have an undeniable chemistry right off. I liked that Aimee wasn't afraid to go for what she wanted either.This was so awesome. It starts off with a bang and continues all the way through. I was instantly drawn in and connected with the characters, and I loved that characters I already knew from the other books were part of this. It all ties together so well and I think that this really adds to the series. It's not just a filler novella like some tend to be. This was a story in itself, but flows with the bigger story also. It was suspenseful and had my heart pumping. I enjoyed every page of it and it has me really needing more of this series!!