Bowling Alley Bandit - Laurie Keller *Actual rating 3.5 starsThis book sounded so fun and cute, so I was really excited to read it. Besides, how fun is that cover? So being that it's a short book, this review will be short too. It was great for the age group it's intended for, though probably on the younger side of it. I would consider this more of a children's book, than middle grade.Arnie is a doughnut that Mr. Bing decides not to eat and instead becomes his pet "dog-doughnut" and is treated like he's a companion. Artie is fun and entertaining, and goes wherever Mr. Bing does. His favorite is bowling. He is determined to help the team, and all of his friends when things seem to be a bit strange.This is a fun, short book about friendship and doing what's right, put in the form of a talking doughnut, bowling balls, pizza, and other wacky things. It's a great book for young children who love cheesy humor. It was a very quick read and had some good lessons in it. The illustrations were entertaining and the characters were fun. The age recommendation is 7-10, but I would say that 10 year old's might find it a bit too young for them.*This book was provided by the publisher for review.