Sky on Fire - Emmy Laybourne While I liked the first book, Monument 14, I didn't love it. So why did I want to read this one? I was interested to see where things would go now that most of the group has left the superstore. I knew there would be more action, more adventure, and wanted to know if they would even come close to reaching their destination. This one had a bit more action than the first one since it's split between Dean still stuck at the store, and the others out in the wild trying to make it to Denver International Airport, where they have been told it's safe. I liked how it was split up since I found the first book got boring for me with them all just living at the Greenway.One perspective is out on the road, trying to get sixty something miles to the airport. They are all bundled up to keep their skin safe, and wearing masks to protect them from breathing the chemicals in. Things are not as easy as they would have thought upon leaving though. There are abandoned vehicles with dead bodies everywhere, and their progress is slow. Also, there are many complications that keep being thrown their way and it makes things nearly impossible. They meet others along the way, some friendly, some not so much. They go through a lot trying to make it to safety. The world outside is much, much worse than they ever expected.Back at the Greenway, Dean and Astrid are waiting and hoping that the group that left will get to the airport safely and send for help. I was not as bored with them in the store as I was in the first book, maybe because it was broken up a little. I still didn't really like Astrid, she is kind of a b*tch and I couldn't see what Dean saw in her. I have to say that she did start to change a little and I didn't dislike her quite as much by the end, but I still wouldn't say I like her yet. Dean on the other hand really grew for me. He stopped being such a pushover and was able to really man up a bit. I thought that he did really well starting to take more control of the situation, and man, some of the things he did were outright crazy. Though, that has some to do with his blood type and the chemicals, but still.I don't want to go too much into things since this is a second book in the series, but I loved that there was more action, and the intensity of the situation was taken up a notch. It really made this one a much more enjoyable read for me. I don't think this is the end though. A twist at the end hints that we get to stay in this horrible, destroyed world for another installment. I can't wait to see what comes next. This was a fast and great read, with a little bit more creep factor than the first one. If you liked the first book, I highly recommend you continue this series.