Loki’s Wolves - Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr *Actual rating is 4.5 stars on my blog.I have been trying to read more middle grade novels, but I am picky about which ones I do. This one sounded so fun and I couldn't pass it up. I am so happy that I read this. It was such a fun adventure that I devoured!! I loved the mythology and the characters. I loved how the story progressed and I found myself almost bouncing in anticipation at where it would go next. This book was everything I was hoping and more. Told in the POV's of Matt, Laurie, and Fen, we get so much of the story, and really get to know the characters well. Sometimes multiple POV's can be a bit much for me, but this was done so well.Matt is the first character that we meet and he is the descendant of Thor. His family pretty much owns the town. His father is the sheriff, and other family members are town officials. He is always compared to his older brothers, and can never seem to do things the right way in his parents eyes. That all changes when they discover he is the descendent of Thor that can stop Ragnarok. There are some complications with the situation though, and he must go on an adventure to try and bring together all of the descendants to stand on his side against evil. He teams up with enemy turned ally, Fen, and finds that they could actually be friends and work together.Fen is a bit on the abrasive side, but I did grow to like him. Descended from Loki, it's in his nature to be a prankster and rule breaker. He is also a shape shifter which comes in pretty handy. He really steps up and comes to Matt's rescue a lot, and though he acts like he doesn't care and he's a tough kid, he really is forming a friendship with him. He also goes against prophecy in more ways than one, and I think he will likely become a favorite of mine through the series. He has a lot of good in him.Laurie is really sweet and has a good head on her shoulders. She has no clue that she is also a descendant of Loki, and she has some pretty awesome things that she can do. She is stubborn, but it's actually a good thing. She doesn't want to be protected and told that she can't help or do things because she is a girl. She ends up saving them numerous times much to their protests that she keep out of sight or stay out of things. I really liked her from the beginning. She never wanted to be deceiving and she always wanted to be good and do the right thing. I really thing that she was a huge part in how Fen bonds and becomes friends with Matt and the others who join them along the journey. I think this girl is going to do big things. I suspect that she is much more than she seems. I can't wait to see where her powers go and what she is capable of.This was such a fast paced, fun adventure. It was full of action and it had me frantically flipping pages. Just when I thought that things were going okay for them, BAM another crazy situation would pop up. They have set out to find all the children of the Gods and things are not easy for them. It's one thing after another, each situation seeming worse than the last. All of them really work together well, and they form a great bond of friendship by the end of the book. I am so excited about the next installment of this series too. Wow, the way that ended!! I wish the next book was out right now so I could dive right in. I haven't had this much fun reading a book in a while and I want more!!