What Really Happened in Peru  - Cassandra Clare I am a huge fan of both The Mortal Instruments series and The Infernal Devices, and Magnus is one of my favorite characters. It's no surprise that when I heard there would be novellas about him and his adventures I was super excited!! What a fantastic way to start of The Bane Chronicles too. I loved the humor and adventure, and I thought that it was so fun that it is told from an outside perspective.This first installment gives us a peek into the crazy, entertaining, and sometimes downright hilarious things that Magnus has done, more specifically, in Peru. We also get quite a bit of Ragnor Fell in this too, which we know of him, but never really learned too much about him in either of the series. He is quite the cranky pants actually, but it's all very fun. We get to see Magnus do all sorts of things and get up to tons of trouble. I was laughing out loud at so much of this story and didn't want it to end. It also gave me a little more insight to who Magnus really is since we don't know a lot about his past or things about him outside of what we learn through the shadowhunters.The narrator for this was fabulous and I really felt like he was passionate about telling us this story. He really captured the story well, and it was like getting a bedtime story read to me. I was sucked in from the start and I wanted to listen to him tell me stories about Magnus for hours. I thought he did very well narrating this and I enjoyed the experience of listening to it.If you are a fan of Magnus Bane, or are just curious as to what all of this is about, I highly suggest picking this up. I wanted more the moment it was over, but luckily there will be a new installment each month. I really enjoyed the audiobook of this and if you enjoy listening to books, this one is great. At only just over an hour, it's easy to fit in, and will leave you in a fantastic mood. It was so entertaining! I want more of The Bane Chronicles!