Last Kiss Goodnight: An Otherworld Assassin Novel (Audio) - Gena Showalter *Actual rating on my blog is 3.5 stars.After reading the synopsis for this book I was very interested in what it was all about. Black ops agent that's an otherworlder, a zoo that holds these human./creatures, and a deaf girl who is willing to risk herself to save these prisoners. I was intrigued and couldn't help but to be sucked into this story. I needed to know what would happen, I wanted to know that Vika could do what she set out to do and escape the craziness that is her life. I was totally fascinated with the good and evil voices that were in Solo's head. And engaging and intense story that is sure to keep you reading (or in my case listening) into the wee hours of the morning.Vika is a girl who is beyond tough. She has to be. Her father who swears she is the most important thing in the world to him is an abusive and evil man. He is the reason why she is deaf. She has always loved animals, they were her only friends. Now that the zoo no longer holds animals, but these otherworlders who are part human, she is in charge of their care. She is continually beat and punished from her father for things and she just wants to escape. She has such a good heart though and won't leave unless she can free the otherworlders too. She has been saving the jewelry that her father buys her so she can sell it and be able to live on her own. She is very much a prisoner just like the otherworlders, except for her cage is her father. I loved her character.Solo was a bit harder for me to like. He is an otherworlder. He is a black ops agent who is supposed to catch the man who is selling otherworlders to this zoo, but instead he gets captured. While captured, he instantly takes a possessiveness to his keeper, Vika. I didn't like how he was all, "She's mine." and whatever, but I guess that's the alpha male animal instinct in him. I don't know. It just really bothered me that he was so possessive and thought of her as his. Oh, and the vows. He always wanted people to vow things, especially Vika. When people vow something to him, or he to them, it can't be broken. He got a bit crazy with it with Vika I thought, but I'm not actually sure if they worked on her with the exception of one. Anyways, I'm getting way off topic now. So I liked him, he seemed like a good guy in general, but I think that the animal side of him made him have that dominant side. He was super protective of her though and it was made clear that he did fall in love with her and would do anything for her. So I suppose he is forgiven for acting like Vika is his property and he owns her.The story was really interesting and I loved how some magic was incorporated into it too. I really enjoyed how Vika was accepting of Solo, even when he was almost ashamed of himself. They really did form a great bond with each other. I loved how the story moved along and we got enough information to keep us interested, but it never really moved super fast. I would have liked to know more about the otherworlders besides Solo and more about their worlds and stuff. Especially when they traveled to an inbetween world or something. Overall this was enjoyable though. I really loved the reader. He made the characters come to life. He made it very easy to distinguish between the different characters, and he put the emotion into them. I was never at any point confused about who was talking at any point in the story. I am also very interested to know where the story will go now. I can't wait for Black and Blue.