Real Men Don't Break Hearts - Coleen Kwan I love a good sweet romance, and Entangled Publishing's Bliss line continuously delivers. I can't get enough of these books and Real Men Don't Break Hearts was such a fabulous and quick read. Told in alternating POV's between Ally and Nate, we really get inside both of their heads and see things from both sides. I am a sucker for books written in that format and tend to really enjoy them. I adored the growth of the characters in this book and how they handled things that were happening around them. With the exception of some miscommunications, and a minor situation or two, this was relatively low drama for this type of book.Ally was a character who has always kind of just gone along with what other people want or expect from her. She's not a pushover, but she just figures it's easier that way. When the news that her ex who left her at their wedding is getting married right in town in just weeks, things get a bit complicated. He's not the reason though, her soon to be new landlord is. He is Nate's best friend and they don't exactly get along. She decides to have a little fun and loosen up since everyone seems to think she needs to. She decides that Nate is perfect to hook up with because it's just sex and nothing else. That is until she begins to actually fall for him. I liked how she was really strong about things though, and she never made herself dependent on anyone. She knew what she wanted, it was just hard for her to actually have the guts to say or do them. When she finally steps out of her shell I liked that side of her.Nate is the typical bad boy. He's rich beyond belief, super hot, and of course a total jerk who doesn't do the whole girlfriend thing. He was also fun and charming too. I knew there was much more to him and I was interested to know what secrets he was hiding and why he was so willing to leave behind the glamorous city life to restart his brothers landscaping business in a small town. As I got to know him more, I could see why Ally would be falling for him. He really has changed from the delinquent teen he was, and he is truly a good man who wants to set things right. The last thing he ever expected was to start falling for Ally.The relationship between Ally and Nate was really great. There is a lot of tension there. She has hated him for years, blames him for her failed engagement, and really doesn't want him to be the one who owns her shop and apartment.He knows he was a jerk, but things weren't his fault as much as she believes it to be that way. He actually has a kind heart unlike her super douche ex. When they decide to see each other casually for just sex, they both start feeling things for each other, but they know that it is nothing, that they are "using" each other. Except they both are falling hard, and I loved seeing that from both perspectives.There is a bigger storyline to it all too. There is her failing gift shop, then a decision on what direction she wants the business to go. There are family and friends that are a big part of the story, and of course the reason why Nate has really come back. I loved following their stories and seeing where it went and I loved how it all ended up. This was such a fun, romantic read. Perfect for those times you want an escape that will tug on your emotions and also leave you smiling.