Little Library Mouse (Hollywood Book Festival Award Winner) - Stephanie Lisa Tara, Alex Walton I had so much fun reading this book with my daughter. It is bursting with awesome illustrations full of imagination!! It inspires you to have a creative mind. As long as you have an imagination, you can never feel truly alone. Your mind is great company if you know how to use it right. This book is about a little mouse in a library all by itself with just the books. Instead of feeling alone, it steps into the pages of the books. It can be anyone or do anything as long as it can imagine it. We go through different books with the little mouse and become who and what it becomes. After a night of exploring the amazing books the little mouse knows that in books it can be any story it wants! This is a great book to let children know that it's good to have a creative imagination. The pictures are all so beautiful and fun and it made my daughter want to imagine being in different places and being different things. After reading this with her, she was excited to try and imagine all sorts of things and wanted me to read it to her again and again. This is a book that I would recommend to have on every daycare, school, and home bookshelf for children of all ages!