I'll Follow the Moon (Mom's Choice Award Honoree and Chocolate Lily Award Winner) - Stephanie Lisa Tara, Lee Edward Födi This book is so fun and educational! It's a wonderful book to read to or with your children. With rich illustrations, and beautiful writing it is a book that you can enjoy over and over again. My daughter can't get enough of it and I am so happy with how much she enjoys it. It has some repetitive lines that helps younger children to interact and read along which is also awesome for their confidence in learning to read. This book is about the journey of a turtle from when it first hatches, to finding his mother. I think that it has a valuable lesson to never give up. This turtle keeps telling itself over and over that it will find it's mother. The moon is it's guide, and though the journey seems long, the end result is the turtle getting to where he needs and wants to be. I think this was a beautiful story about nature, love, and family that both children and adults can enjoy over and over again. If you are looking for an inspiring book for young readers, this one should definitely go on your shelf.