Things I Can't Forget - Miranda Kenneally Going into this I was a bit nervous since I tend to be one of those people who runs away from books at the mention of religion, but I was really interested in this so I decided to give it a try. I'm glad that I did because I really ended up liking it. Religion is a big part of it, but it's not preachy, and it didn't take away from the overall story for me. It was just who Kate was and there's no way around it. I really enjoyed the camp setting and getting to know the characters. I haven't read the previous books so I didn't know any of the characters beforehand, but I am dying to finally go back and read them now. Kate was a bit bothersome for me at first. She was very judgmental, and if people didn't see things her way they were automatically wrong in her eyes. She is very set in her beliefs and she can be a bit overwhelming, but I loved that she really stuck by what she believed in no matter what. Even though Kate annoyed me, it was more her closed mindedness than her being super religious. She really did grow through the book and I really liked her by the end of it. She finds a way to balance what she believes in and what other people believe in and do. She might not agree with it all, but she does learn to except it. I was proud of her when she was finally able to see the bigger picture. I adored Matt. He was really great! He never once tried to pretend he was someone he's not. He is religious too, but he is more laid back than Kate. He has some painful things in his past that he needs to get past just as Kate does, but I loved that he was really trying to and really put himself out there. I think he was the best thing for Kate. He made her relax and open up. He was fun, he was sweet, and he was everything that she needed. Another thing I loved about this book is the family aspect. Thought they aren't in it a lot, I loved that Kate and her dad were close and could talk about things. She not only talks about her parents and how she sees them, but she also talks to them. We also meet Matt's parents too and I liked them. We know that family is important to them and it's a nice addition to the story. Besides the parents, I really loved getting to know the other characters. Ian was probably one of my favorites. He was so funny. I also enjoyed getting to know Will and Parker, and need to read Stealing Parker as soon as possible. Although this is Kate's story, I think really all of the characters grow up a little and find themselves more. Kate and Matt aren't the only ones dealing with hard things in their lives and it was nice to see each of the characters trying to fix themselves too. I am a sucker for books about growing up and self discovery, especially when there is romance involved. Well, romance when it is done right like it was in this. I am now a Miranda Kenneally fan and plan to read all of her books! Don't let the mention of religion turn you off to this. I am very reluctant when religion is even hinted at, but this was done beautifully.