Melting the Millionaire's Heart - Linda Morris I have been reading a lot of adult contemporary romance lately and been loving it. This book was no exception. It was fun, sexy, heartbreaking at times, and left a smile on my face! This was a pretty short book, but packed quite a bit of punch. I was wrapped up in the story almost from the very beginning and the characters were fantastic and commanded my love and attention. Even being a short story, it was able to pull my emotions right out of me!Kayla was a fun character. She is still very bitter over her ex, and she is dreading the New Years Eve party she is forced to go to in order to try to get a donation from some rich jerk as she sees it. She ends up going off the road (totally her fault for not paying attention, especially during a snowstorm) and gets picked up by none other than Ryan Langston. She doesn't know it's him though. She decides to go against her normal behavior and give into a one night stand with this sexy stranger. She is very open and honest with him and isn't afraid of what might happen. If only she knew who he really was.Ryan was awesome!! He is really smart and caring. He wants to make sure that he donates money to good causes, he isn't just selfish with his money or some jerk who throws it around like nothing. That is why he lies to Kayla in the first place, he doesn't want to be judged for his money. He knows he should tell her the truth, but she makes it very clear what she thinks of "guys like Ryan" and he figures they will have their one snowed in night and that will be it. He never expects to actually start to care for her in their evening of just living in the moment.This was a great romance with a fantastic plot to go along with it. The characters were amazing and the chemistry they have is sizzling. I became invested in both of them almost right away and as things progress, and then get a bit intense, I could feel my heart constricting. I knew that the lie would come out, and I knew how things would go down, but it still made my me ache a little when it did. This book had a lot of really fun moments, then some great sexy scenes, and of course a sweet romance! This is great book for those looking for a good romance with a little bit of steam that also has a good story that you can get lost in.