Crash  - Lisa McMann, Allyson Ryan *Actual rating 3.5 stars rounded down to 3I love a good suspenseful book and this one sounded really great. I really enjoyed how the visions seemed to intensify when it got more urgent and how it really reacted depending on how close Jules was to figuring it all out. Another thing that I enjoyed about this book was the family dynamic. The relationship that Jules had with her brother and sister was great. And then there is the whole thing where the boy she has been in love forever belongs to her family's rival! This also touches on mental issues which I thought was a great addition to the story too.Jules was a character who I really enjoyed. She was flawed in a lot of ways, but it made her very easy to relate to. I loved how her brother Trey is her best friend, and how she will do anything for him or her younger sister Rowan. I feel bad when she starts to doubt her own sanity due to family history of mental issues. She thinks that she might be going insane when she keeps seeing this vision that no one else sees. She somehow knows that it's more than that though, and she really keeps fighting to save innocent lives whether anyone believes her or not. I think she is brave for coming out and telling Sawyer (her longtime love) about it, and her brother Trey. I also think that she is extremely selfless that she is willing to do whatever it takes to prevent the vision from turning out how it's supposed to. Her obsessiveness over Sawyer gets a bit annoying at times, and her little phrase of saying "Oh my Dogs" or "Thank the Dogs" really started to wear on me and it came to a point where I wanted to hit things when she would say it.There is of course some bit of romance, but it's more Jules pining for Sawyer. Except Sawyer is her family rival and he won't give her the time of day. They used to be friends until their parents found out and forbid them from seeing each other. There are also a lot of secrets that their families are keeping from them too. I loved watching it all unravel. Why their families hate each other so much, the reason behind Jules fathers hoarding, why they can't just get over things and drop the family rivalry.Now, my thoughts on the audio. I really loved the reader. I thought that she really captured Jules personality really well. She had the emotion and panic, and the little freak outs that Jules has. She vocalized Jules awkwardness, her snarkiness, and her when she is vulnerable. The reader really made me believe what Jules was going through. I honestly think that trying to read this book, I would have really been annoyed with Jules and not connected well. I don't do well with whiny, irritating characters, but I guess I understood her through the readers voice and things that would bother me didn't. I could also feel the urgency of the situation. I think that the audio was fabulous.Overall I really enjoyed this story as a whole. The plot, the characters, and especially the emotion that the reader was able to bring to the audiobook. If you enjoy audiobook's and are a fan of psychological, suspense books, you should try this one out. It's a very fast listen being just over 5 hours. I flew through this one quickly and am looking forward to the next book.